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    My dear Old Owl,
    Happy birthday to u.
    np,i will idle in that channel as well,:),ping me when you are there.:\

    And yea *****, this is not the time to come to India!,omgwtflol?itz summertime,you shall burn for your sins.:)
    yo dawg,we herd you liek videogames,so we put a wii inside your wii so thats its powerful as xbox360.

    come visit the gay thinkdigit irc channel sometimes,we miss some noobs like yourself.:x
    belated happy b'day.

    and did I tell you my bard conked off,yet again?SO i can't play super mario bros properly,forget TF2.Maybe in 2-3 weeks.

    And besides I am too busy learning guitar these days, so no time for these useless activities.Imma score chicks by dozens dawg!
    One thing:-
    I agree that I am not prefect in FPS game but I am perfect in Racing game (had completed NFS:MW--Blacklist 1,NFS:U2 etc) and as this clan deals with Racing game also so I am up in racing game not FPS)..

    If the Digit Clan (Devil's Fighter) is up will also Racing Game..then I will be happily try to make a photo for DF clan and switch in that clan
    yo dawg,need some help.

    I can't get my brightness,contrast,gamma settings correct since I have put in teh 8600gt and switched from analog to DVI interface.Is there any tool you artist guys use to calibrate your monitors?All the wallpapers look oversaturated with colors,videos look just fine though.:|,this is over my head.:<
    ....Not in jail but without any good net connection.:|

    I wished LHS would actually create a black hole and we all die ....*sigh*.
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