1. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Bangalore meet up?

    I watch every movie these days first week with same old college, office friends. This time for Warcraft movie, I think it would be more exciting with other gamer dudes. So who's here Jun 10th and weekend?
  2. coderunknown

    [GIVEAWAY] AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition

    Downloads available till January 10th. Lifetime validity. download
  3. E

    Career options in IT after 10th

    Hello Guys!!! I passed my 10th in 2010 with 74%.After that i left my studies due to some problems.And even now I have no interest of resuming my studies as i am pretty bad in it.So,I joined my father's business.My father is a general merchant.But I have no interest in this business.My...
  4. CommanderShawnzer

    Commerce or PCM?

    As described in title. Whichever i take i will be taking CS as optional I suck at Algebra and chemistry(tough to remember the electronic valencies and stuff) I have got a CGPA of 8 in my 10th board results(GP in Maths was 7) I feel PCM->Engineering is tough while Com->MBA is easier
  5. flyingcow

    What next after 10th

    Hello there, My 10th exams (ICSE) are getting over on the 20th of march, and I have no idea what to do next I dont even know what to do next, I'm not a bright student, only get 80-85% and probably get 85+ 90- in my boards, so what should I do next. All I planned is doing programming all...
  6. D

    Need career advice, what to do after 10th

    Hi, I'm 21 and have passed only 10th and due to some personal problems I will not finish 12th, so please do not recommend finishing 12th. However, I have an interest in computers, especially linux, and wondering what job-oriented courses I'm eligible for after 10th that will actually have some...
  7. S

    Want an ultrabook

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 50k~ 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? b. Dislike: Acer, HCL 4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with...
  8. aaruni

    After 12th?

    I am a student in 10th and am going to take PCMC in 11th and 12th. Want to do programming and learn hacking(ethical) but i am a n00b as of now. Any suggestions as to what i should do after 12th?
  9. kool

    What Documents do i need to make Indian Passport?

    I dont know where to ask this question so I'm asking here.. Q. I want to make my passport. So, what should I do for making passport? How much charge for it? How many days it take? I've only these documents: 1) Driving License 2) 10th & 12th mark sheet 3)PAN CARD 4) UID CARD Plz...
  10. Stuge

    Total Lunar Eclipse 10th December 2011

    Last Total Lunar Eclipse *eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2011Dec10T.pdf
  11. Gtb93

    Good computer course?

    I need to know options other than BCA after 10+2 if possible? I haven't opted for math after 10th, so I'm currently only looking at BCA.. I was looking at the GNIIT course too, is it any good?
  12. J

    Need Help From all of you guyz,,,,,plz....

    Hi all I have completed my 10th (cbse) with 69% and just cmpltd my plus two with 78% now i have enrolled into btech cse course.. my problems are -i dont have good communication skills ...i need suggestions from you guyz to improve -what is the scope of cs engg,,nowadays,,,n how much should i...
  13. JojoTheDragon

    Dungeon Siege III Discussion Thread

    Dungeon Siege III Description: Developer: Obsidian Entertainment Publisher: Square Enix Engine: Onyx (proprietary) Platforms: [PS3] [X360] [PC] Release Date: 21 June [EU] Genre : Action/Hack-n-slash, RPG. Trailer: Q_yyg0WCnTw
  14. nisargshah95

    Badd 10th!!

    This year in 10th was really frustrating. -> The first thing being CCE which means our result from the beginning would be counted (and not only the boards) plus 2 projects given in each subject (which was pretty meaningless). The next big thing was NO farewell (dammit, it was held every...
  15. TheLetterD

    Need a suggestion for entry level graphic card!

    Hey guys! Ive been out of touch with digit for 1 whole year cuz now Im in 10th *sigh* I have no idea what new grapfic cards were launched after the 200 series from NVidea or ATI So .. THE Q>; I need an entry level graphic card using which I can play old games such as Call Of Duty 4...
  16. H

    Relults of ssc

    When is the result of std 10th of maharashtra state board ????????????????????
  17. saurabh_1e

    Pentium d Cpu

    Pentium d computer I want to sell my pentium d based config: Pentium d 925 (Bought on 10th April 2007) Intel mobo-d102ggc2 (Bought on 10th April 2007) ram-1.5 gb ddr2 ---> 512mb (Bought on 10th April 2007) + 1024mb (on November 2008) hdd-500 GB ---->(jan 2009) psu lit-eon dvd writer -...
  18. amitabhishek

    Sibal plans to scrap 'traumatic' Class 10 Board exams

    I agree; I think 10th and 12th exam takes a serious toll on average and below average students. They get frustrated and disgruntled with career very early in life. Doing away with 10th exam is a step in right direction. Kudos to Sibal!!! Source
  19. girish.g

    VIT result out!!!

    just checked out the VIT website and the results are out almost a week before the expected date. i got 7353 rank and counselling date june 10th. any idea if i could get electronics and telecommunication without any donation and stuff?
  20. comp@ddict

    FIT-JEE, Narayana, blah blah!!! WHICH ONE?

    Man there are soooo many IIT-JEE Coaching centres. But which one would be the best option. I'm a 10th student, just (almost) finished with boards at the time of posting.
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