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  • 1-3 were kinda controlled not very gross, slapstick and yet very good. But my fav season is 11. My fav ep is "Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka". U?
    I suppose the shorts are Jesus vs Frosty and smthn arent they? Trey and Matt are real cool abt DLing for free. They even made fun of Metallica in an ep abt piracy! U liked the passion of the jew???
    Ya man... Got all 13 seasons plus bigger longer uncut movie. Cartman rulez. In S13 The Coon was awesome! Good take on The Dark Knight!
    haha, your's nice too. :p

    I've watched 13 episodes....It seriously rocks. :p

    But I rarely understand what Kenny says lol...:-o
    dude seriously, I had become an instant fan of South Park the day you gave me the link of the video. :D

    I guess it was being aired for the first time in India on VH1? :confused:
    I did't get a date dude :(
    My rank was 5410. Dunno but they didn't announce dates for ranks over 3000.
    I seriously doubt most people getting within 5000 will take it because they also usually got VIT and many even AIEEE or IIT which are all superior.
    Ohh yes, that bar, I too hate it. Currently I don't know how to remove it, but will do it soon. Will remove it & then reupload it for you.
    Been running to collect my results which have been stalled for some reason in coll for around one week. :(
    Also the admission process is underway. Sorry to say but I feel I will not be able to deliver on time my promise. Still I will do my best :)
    Yup, it's not working :(
    BTW the theme is almost ready to go. Will post in a couple of days, having my results tomorrow. :(
    Well, I'm a big fan of my friend :)Ico: )666 who used to play with me in a game server and didn't know how to speak a single word in English. But he learnt English and I leant his language as we played. :lol:
    Yes I applied for Amrita. Its supposed to be one of the best Tier-II collages (no its not tier-I if thats the reason you applied for it).

    I got the admit card. Like AIEEE, these guys too showed acute kanjoosi and sent through ordinary post instead of registered post or courrier.
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