1. lywyre

    [Outlook] Setting up new Account - Fetch only mails from last n days

    I will be setting up a new account in Outlook (my existing GMail account). But I do not want to fetch all my mail, only mails from the last week or month. How can I accomplish this? Thanks
  2. V

    Urgent: Noise on playing music on Lenovo Zuk Z1

    Bought Lenovo Zuk Z1 from amazon last week. Problem occurs while playing music. When the display turns off or is manually turned off when music is on, loud crackling noises can be heard. Noticed this today itself. Google search on this did not yield any results. Any ideas on this issue? Does...
  3. theserpent

    What's happening,so many earthquakes ?

    Last week nepal, this week new guinea and Adaman.
  4. rajivnedungadi

    Negative Experience Pathetic Service

    I ordered three best sheets from their Magic Box. I got a message that they shipped it after a week from the order. After another week, I received the package but to my shock there was only 1 bedsheet instead of 3. I contacted their customer service, which is an STD call, NO TOLL FREE NUMBER...
  5. S

    Suggest a AIO Printer within 8k

    Recently, my Officejet 4255 conked off after 9 years (Serviced just once) and I am looking for a new Inkjet AIO. Please suggest me a good printer. I will be printing around 5-10 Black pages everyday and approximately 1 colour page per week. Main concern for me is Printing Costs. I am inclined...
  6. I

    Photography Challenges

    Calling all the photographers on this forum! I have decided to start a weekly challenge of photography. Rules 1. The challenge is just for fun. 2. All images must be taken after the theme is announced. 3. The challenge runs from 9pm on the Sunday and runs until 9pm the following Sunday...
  7. TechnoBOY

    some question regarding bsnl broadband

    1)should i apply via online and will there be any delay 2)if i apply in this week will my bill come this month and some one help me to choose the plan
  8. R

    PSU stopped working in a week.

    Setup new PC a week back using ANTEC HCG 620 PSU and used it for a week. All of sudden yesterday PC didnt switch ON , on troubleshooting found PSU fan not turning. I had purchased it a week back. Will claim warranty ? Any other troubleshooting to check before I remove PSU ? Also I had felt...
  9. L

    Help with TP Link TL-WR841N (and Siti Cable)

    So, I bought a TP Link WR841N to use my laptop and secondary desktop with wifi from Siti Cable (Kolkata), and I followed the instructions in this thread and set it up. Went fine for about a week. Then the connection was not coming (and I wasn't at home), and my dad called the Siti guys to...
  10. theserpent

    Ebiz:A fake or a scam?

    So today I got a 90 mins long presentation on 1 on 1 basis about this "fraud"...He says if i keep enroling people under my legs...I can earn more than 1 lakh a week as more and more people i enroll. So I'm sure this is a fraud. Whats you views?Have you heard about this?
  11. quagmire

    HTC One Max to launch in India for Rs. 56,500

  12. SaiyanGoku

    New refridgerator suggestion

    My parents want to buy a new refridgerator with following specs: Door type: double door; one on top of other. Volume: 260-280 L efficiency rating: 4 or 5 stars other optional features: frost free, automatic. Any model chosen: none yet. Buying within 1 week. Budget: 20-25k (can add 1k more)...
  13. K

    Gaming PC 60k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Only gaming. Building the rig to play BF4 and watchdogs and...
  14. deadcode00

    Pc Shutdown issue

    ok i have recently upgraded my pc from core 2 duo to amd fx 8350... and my current config is, Amd fx 8350,asus m5a97 evo r2.0(motherboard),corsair vengeance 4x2,corsair gs600(psu),hd6850(graphic card),apc600 va(ups),corsair cabinet 400r. my pc is running good, but sometimes when i shutdown my...
  15. ratul

    Is it normal for a company to reject you after you cleared the interview?

    Ok, on 15th may, i gave an interview in a company, it was 3rd round and i had cleared first 2 rounds previously, after that no reply from them, i called them after a week, they said that they are processing, after a month around 15th june, i called them and they said that i have cleared the...
  16. A

    Windows 7 and Windows 8 blue screen error ?

    i have shifted to windows 8 since last 1 week and i have noticed that when ever i use to surf net or listen songs the memory starts dumping with the blue screen error. then after few days i again shifted to windows 7 and again the same problem continues. oh yes i would like to mention one thing...
  17. R

    [Praise] MSI Service in Bangalore/India Rocks!

    My MSI Radeon R6870 Hawk was experiencing Fan issues from past half a year. one of the two fans died and i was running on one fan till last week. Recently both my GPU fans went kaput and i had to take emergency action.:mrgreen: So went to the service center - Which is Digicare. Ill tell you...
  18. .jRay.

    HTC ONE available for preorders

    HTC ONE finally available for preorders on flipkart for Rs.42900, will ship last week of may. Check it out. *www.flipkart.com/htc-one/p/itmdh2z7xyypxgax?pid=MOBDH2XTNHMHA6BU&affid=fb
  19. H

    Japanese Vita sales collapse back to pre price cut levels

    Ouch. Sold ~15k this week as opposed to ~20k last week according to media create reports. The 3DS also fell, but not as bad as the Vita (~47k as opposed to 56k last week). This can't be good for Sony who were already losing money per Vita sold. For Nintendo OTOH, The 3DS is making money...
  20. R

    80% Discounted New Monitor.Just read

    Hello Friends, Last week I walked into a Electronic showroom in Dubai to look for Monitor which i'll be buying next week. I came across a HP monitor 24Inch Which was on Display for 999AED(15000rs).The sales person told me they dont have new stock and offered to give me the displayed Unit for...
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