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So today I got a 90 mins long presentation on 1 on 1 basis about this "fraud"...He says if i keep enroling people under my legs...I can earn more than 1 lakh a week as more and more people i enroll.
So I'm sure this is a fraud.
Whats you views?Have you heard about this?


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Network marketing

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After Googling a bit..

The point that made me tell hes a fraud
We were sitting in Stadium in Delhi,with SNOW FALLLING AND WE WERE COVERD IN SNOW


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lol, it is still there? During my college 1st year (7-8 years back) some of our senior used to catch us and gave this long and boring presentation(whatevar they call it, but not even close to presentation). Some people fell for it and followed the same way. They used to tell that they are getting profit but when we ask for proof, they can't. I think the money they gets very less. By max 500 - 1K. Later we din't bother at all. We used to make fun of them.

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If you are good at brain washing people, you can opt for it. But you have to go the way like Salesman. Give it a try and share the experience and the profit with us :p


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it's just business like any other. Good at convincing people ? Go for it.


You will lose your friends and associates once you get into these kind of MLM fraud schemes. Because you want to recoup your investment and will try finding bakras and since you cannot approach random people, your targets will be friends and colleagues and relatives and they will probably never talk to you once they know what you are upto.
In fact having normal conversation will be difficult since they will always doubt you and think there is a hidden motive behind whatever you do.

One of my colleague was brainwashing me constantly with Amway MLM and this was in US. In US, Indians try to con other Indians especially who are new to country. But since i was aware about these schemes i did not fall for it.
I was even approached by another Indian couple in a supermarket with such a scheme. They are always searching for a new prey.


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