1. M

    water in dslr.. help needed

    Hi guys i went to an ill fated trek yesterday n water has entered my nikon d7100. the optical viewfinder has become foggy n pics clicked are also foggy.. :( pls help me what to do now.. i have removed lens n kept them both in airtight container with silca gel crystals. pls tell me can i claim...
  2. Jaskanwar Singh

    When to drink water

    guys some say its fine to drink water during a meal, some say u should drink after 30min and not in between. what r ur opinions? :-D
  3. Harsh Pranami

    Which water purifier to buy???

    Please help me out. My max budget is 12-13k. I know nothing about water purifiers. Should I go for UV or RO technology??
  4. H

    Capcom reveals 'first ever blood swimming pool'

  5. G

    Will Bangalore have to be evacuated by 2023?

    Indeed a wakeup call about water scarcity. Source:Firstpost
  6. A

    Xperia Z or Xperia ZL!!! Plz Help..

    Guys...Planning to buy a new phone...stuck between xperia z or xperia zl....liked xperia z for the water resistance.....xperia zl coz of IR blaster and better screen(reportedly in many reviews)...only thing I dnt like abt xperia z is the heating issues....and since I use my fon a lot I am not...
  7. freshseasons

    Where do we get water from, should we urinate in dams: Ajit Pawar

    source: *zeenews.india.com/news/maharashtra/where-do-we-get-water-from-should-we-urinate-in-dams-ajit-pawar_840387.html No he hasn't been misquoted as the comments were caught live on camera. Cheers people for electing him !!!! You deserve it ! :( That Maharashtra was supposed to...
  8. C

    Need Water purifier........

    Need 2 Water Purifier for home use since boiling water on gas is no longer affordable. Budget 1St Water Purifier - 15K 2nd Water Purifier - 10K Place - Mumbai (buy from shop)
  9. nikhilsharma007nikx

    water cooling questions

    i m thinking about starting a new project in my next session holiday after my 9th exams are over so guys few question for you .... and yes the project will be of modding the old i ball cabby and a comletely home made watercooling system for my old pc (pentium D @3.4ghz ) .. 1. is this pump good...
  10. arsenalfan001

    [Help] Sony refusing to repair water damaged phone

    Yesterday I visited the Sony service center Name: Teknoplaza Address:CD-96, Salt Lake City Kolkata, West Bengal Contact Number:23599787 to repair my xperia arc. The earpiece is not working but if I route the audio through loudspeaker, it is working fine. The lady at the...
  11. kool

    ►►► Want to buy water purifier with low maintanenece filter. :-|

    Hi guys, I was using Eureka Forbes Aquaguard i-Nova since 2005 and now it has stopped working and service guys are asking for Rs.2600 for replacement of its kit etc. But now i've decided to buy a new water purifier for my home. :) So guys suggest me and good water purifier. In PATNA there...
  12. A

    Water cooling kit!

    hello guys new here , Anyways i wanted to buy a water cooling kit(kit coz its my 1st try on water cooling:wink:) but i can't find any dealers in india...im mostly looking to buy an XSPC RayStorm D5 RX240 WaterCooling Kit [XS-D5-RX240] from XSPC Online Store or an EK-KIT H3O 240 HFX - Kits -...
  13. R

    Water Purifier

    Hi guys I am gonna buy a Ro +Uv water purifier soon but I am little confused regarding which one to buy. My budget is around 15k so please suggest me which one should I buy? I have selected few. 1. Kent Grant plus 2. Pureit Marvella 3. Livpure Touch With Regards
  14. phil2097

    Need water cooling kit

    need a water cooling kit for my rig under a budget of 10000/- the main problem is that manufacturers like XSPC and Swiftech do not have outlets or retailers here so stuck mainly with either Corsair or the Antec builds (not counting SVCtech) Anyone know who imports water cooling kits...
  15. nikhilsharma007nikx

    Watercooling questions !

    i have a question in ma mind that can we use the radiator of a corsair h100 or h70 for n watercooling loop for my computer by using my own pipes , water block for cpu and gpu ! and yes if not where can we get water cooling kits i will but a hd 7850 2 gb and a i5 2500k witha ASUS z77 v mobo ...
  16. root.king

    Mars rover finds first evidence of water - a river of it

    Mars rover finds first evidence of water - a river of it NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, dispatched to learn if the most Earth-like planet in the solar system was suitable for microbial life, has found clear evidence its landing site was once awash in water, a key ingredient for life...
  17. bajaj151

    Urgent : Water Purifier for Home

    Please suggest water purifier for home Budget : 12-15k
  18. B

    Changing graphics card - will old (questionable model) PSU be sufficient?

    Okay, so just a couple of days back, I had a fit of carelessness and spilled some water over my cabinet while the PC was running. The PC immediately shut down, so I rushed it to a nearby shop. Luckily for me, the PSU, motherboard, ram and processor seem to be working fine. But the gfx card on...
  19. rajatGod512

    Samsung Galaxy Y Not Powering Up

    Hi ! All ... So I have a Samsung Galaxy Y (bought just a month ago) . Last Night I kept it in a table just below my AC . When I woke in the morning there was some strange leak in the AC so water was dropping from it . Water was all over my phone , phone was kept upside down . So, I cleaned up...
  20. ankit.kumar010203

    A Pakistani engineer has built a car that runs on water..!

    Breaking news---
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