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  1. d3p

    Buying Advice : New Config with Water Cooling

    Hi Guys, One of my friend is intrested in Buying a PC with Water Cooling. Purpose : Gaming, Rendering & Video Editing Budget : More than 1L[100k], but less than 2L[200k]. Overclocking: Yes of course with a Water Cooling Prefered. Need suggestion is selecting the components & suggestion on...
  2. yours_majesty

    Mega Sale

    1. Sapphire Radeon HD4850 1GB 256Bit Single slot, its about a year old, still have about 2 years warranty remaining, comes in original box. Expected Price: SOLD OUT 2. Sapphire Radeon HD3850 256MB Single slot, its about a year old, absolutely UNUSED, an nVidia 8800 killer, still have about...
  3. Faun

    Water purifier/filter suggestion

    I am considering of getting a water purifier. Budget is 10k. I just want to have a say of people before I decide to get one. Also continued water supply to the water purifier is a NO for me. Thanks.
  4. Cool Buddy

    My home made water cooling

    I recently bought a new HDD and I am using it with a tech com case. I wanted to use the HDD continuosly, so was looking for a case with a fan, but I couldn't find it. Now when I was using the HDD for over 2 hours, the temperature went to 47 degrees. Although not too high in summer, something...
  5. arshadmajeed

    water cooling

    how much does a basic water cooling setup cost 8-)8-) thanks @asigh-im sry,i ws asking abt water cooling my frnd says we can get it at 3000inr starting
  6. A

    Watercooling or air cooling??

    Guys i just got a core i7 920 rig with intel DX58SO board, the temps of my CPU on stock cooling idle at 57-58 and can go as high as 72C when playing games.............chassis is CM690.....i can spend upto Rs 5k on CPU cooling........which will give better results water cooling or air...
  7. topgear

    Japanese Scientists Create Elastic Water

    Elastic Water could eventually replace plastic, or be used in an environmentally-safe plastic. Bernama, a part of the Malaysian National News Agency, reports that Japanese scientists have created “elastic water." Developed at the Tokyo University, the new material consists mostly of...
  8. TheLetterD

    cs 1.6 map needed

    :smile::!::-(:oops::-P:sad::-P:razz:Hey ppl........im in desperate need of the aim-crazy-jump map for Counter strike 1.6 the one present in zapak gameplex.....:-o:?::?: Description- 2 places...ct spawn nd t spawn... a small bridge in btwn at the bottom a place filled wid water and 2 lifts which...
  9. NucleusKore

    Australia town bans bottled water

    Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8141569.stm A rural town in Australia has voted overwhelmingly to ban the sale of bottled water over concerns about its environmental impact. Campaigners say Bundanoon, in New South Wales, may be the first community in the world to have such...
  10. aytus

    Suggestion on buying a water Purifier

    Hi guys, I would like to know which is the best water purifier right now in a budget of around 10,000 . I am looking to buy one soon. and like most of my computing buys i want this to be an informed buy. As i dont have 24x7 supply of fresh water , so one with a storage will be preffered. Also...
  11. soumya

    Hmmm....What was it, that you last put in your mouth?

    I tried to come up with an original idea in the chit chat section and this was the best I could come up with :D You just have to post the last thing you had in your mouth at the time of posting. For me, it was WATER :)
  12. amitabhishek

    Indian passengers flying Air France allege racial bias

    If this is true then its truly deplorable. Spew venom guys! :x Source
  13. Choto Cheeta

    Candlelight blogging..

    What else can be done ? As the state is now fighting hard to cope up with the on going power crisis !! Dont ask why, as they always find some bizarre explanation for the power crisis, for example if its summer then rivers go dry and they cant boil water hence no power, where as in rainy...
  14. gaurav_indian

    Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet

    Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21598,24659589-5005369,00.html What if this happens in india?Govt can collect billions of money as a tax if the below article is true.:lol: 'My life(meri nahi bhai Rewa Raam ki) cleaning...
  15. A

    w580i 5 months used for sale

    w580i for sale. features- *intigerated camera 2mp *walkman phone *fitness applications *2 year warranty covering water & physical damage by dealer(free replacement of parts in case of water & physical damage & refund of half the current market value in case of irreparable damage) *mobile tracker...
  16. A

    mobile phone w580i for sale 5 months old

    w580i for sale. features- *intigerated camera 2mp *walkman phone *fitness applications *2 year warranty covering water & physical damage by dealer(free replacement of parts in case of water & physical damage @ refund of half the current market value in case of irreparable damage) *mobile tracker...
  17. X

    Creative Zen in Water??!!!

    I dropped my creative zen in water...display's f'd..however it is detected on my comp.. is there any way out?
  18. iMav

    The Google Navy

  19. sude

    Personal Computer fully wet... Any Chances of working normally in future..??

    dear users.. recently, due to an accident, my pc got drenched with water... TOTALLY DRENCHED.. the system was off when this happened... this is to ask u all the readers that whether i can use my pc again in future or not?? in order to use my system again what should i do?? waiting 4ur...
  20. P

    ipod ruined!

    hey guyz, one of my friend's ipod was dropped in bucket of water, it has been about 2 dayz since the incident and now the ipod opens but it acts really weird, sometimes the battery dies really quickly and sometimes song doesn't start and harddisk makes weird sounds. Does restoring the ipod fix...
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