1. rohitshakti2

    Looking for RO system Budget -15000/-

    Hi friends, I am living in Delhi and am looking for a RO system for my home. Currently the water is MCD + Ground water mixed. It has TDS of 700. I have selected Hind. Lever's Marvella RO, Zero B's Prestine model, Kent Grand+ and Nasaka Minijet 12. Other than Nasaka, rest of 3 have got...
  2. RCuber

    Water level/Flood Detector

    Hey guys, I have a peculiar problem with my residence sump. the sump is located inside our house. and if we are not careful the water overflows and floods 2-3 rooms :( . I cannot use a ball valve due to the placement of the water pipe outlet is midway to the sump. so I need a water alarm which...
  3. rohitshakti2

    RO required

    I am getting ground water at home and it has a TDS of 600. I want a RO for my home. Kindly suggest one within a budget of nearly 12000/-. Currently I am using Eureka fobes normal water purifier since the last 4-5 years. Regards
  4. soyab0007

    Water Purifier and Microwave oven

    Want to buy Water Purifier and Microwave oven for home budget for Water Purifier Rs 1500 And Microwave oven Rs 5000 please suggest some good VFM products, also if possible provide deals with coupons available
  5. Niilesh

    Water entered touch screen

    Water entered my sis HTC Wildfire S screen. What should be done? I have removed the battery, SD card and SIM from the phone and left it to dry(not in sunlight)
  6. rider

    Top Load Automatic Washing Machine

    Need a Fully Automatic Washing Machine I need a washing machine for 3-4 adults in the family. The budget is almost 18k bucks, and the machine should have hot water facility. Which one is better IFB AW 7233 or Whirlpool 1-2-3 650HP?
  7. bajaj151

    Water Purifier for 2 Students

    Please suggest water purifier for 2 students in Delhi.. Budget : Cheapest Possible but water should be perfectly purified..
  8. phil2097

    Water Cooling Kit

    budget 7~9k i need a good looking Water cooling kit with transparent Tubing but it seems corsair and antec models which are retailing in India are just plain simple!! got a few options thermaltake 760 plus Gigabyte Galaxy 3D II Magicool Liquid Cooling Kit "Deluxe Edition" larkooler...
  9. Y

    water purifier within 10k

    hey guys..need water purifier...have no idea about this..so plz help.. budget is 10k max.. and drinking water is not hard..so i dont think RO based will be required..
  10. Rockstar11

    Must have/favourite Iphone apps & games!!

    Hey friends, i am totally new to iOS Iphone world and looking for recommendation for apps and games. i love this 2 game. 1. Where's My Water? 2. Cut the Rope any other cool games and apps for Iphone 3G? waiting...
  11. N

    water cooled

    hey friends. this is my pc -------------> MY cheap but extreme gaming machine - AMD PHENOM 955 BE WATER COOLED - YouTube and the image shows temp.. what do u say ? LwThAbPzKnA
  12. Neuron

    The Mullaperiyar Dam Controversy.

    Current Status. Report of the examination committee. In case the dam fails. The solution. Share your thoughts. :smile:
  13. JojoTheDragon

    What can we do to help the environment?

    I've thinking these past days about the ways in which commom-man can help the environment. I could only think of one. Other people please share your tips and help increase the list. :) 1)Don't throw those "chips" packets , etc on the road, drains, or anywhere public. Instead open them up...
  14. C

    PC not running, nor walking and not even working

    I was carrying my PC to my cousins house during rain. When I reach my cousins house the PC was not running. BTW I took the PC in waterproof box covered with plastic, so rain did not enter. From where can I get replacements of these components? PS: Rain water did not enter but a day before I...
  15. P

    HELP - Chennai

    Friends, Looking for Information on Chennai, 1 - Which residential area is good nearby Guindy ? 10-15 minutes of travel time is fine. Areas with good locality, shops & Hospital around preferred. If you have any friends/relatives who plan to give 2 BHK flat for rent or you know any agents who...
  16. rakesh_sharma23

    DIY CPU WaterCooling (With TEC)

    With a requests from many members at the ASUS meet, I am starting this thread Below are links of my Builds… HomeMade Watercooling Case Guide: DIY Printed Circuit board Making Aqagate S1 cooler on HD4850 mod DIY Biometrices Reader I am just upgrading the watercooling stuff to support a...
  17. d3p

    Suggestion to Mod a Corsair H50 for Cooling NB.

    Hey Folks, Few Months back i pinned a hole on my Corsair H50 & its busted. I have a Gigabyte GA EX58A UD7 Rev-1.0 Motherboard & the motherboard supports W-C loop, which comes with water block pre-installed. the specs of the water block says the tube must have the following dimensions...
  18. axes2t2

    Drinking water - Kidney Stones

    *somebody's getting old* :P Oh and drink atleast 3L water everyday.
  19. abhijit_reddevil

    Looking for a water filter

    Hello, Our trusted Eureka Forbes water filter in our home finally gave up after long 13 years of service. Now our family is looking for a water filter. Our budget is Rs.10,000. Which one should we go for? Should we continue with Eureka Forbes? I have heard that the ones from Kent are also...
  20. Bond_Killer

    Best Air Cooler for LGA1366

    Hello all, Recently my dad purchased me a used Coumputer with Following Configuration from Pune & i made some recent upgradations. Proc : Intel i7 920 3.06GHz LGA 1366 [stock cooler] Mobo : Gigabyte X58 UD3R RAM: Corsair XMS3 3X2GB 1600MHz HDD: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM [not sure of the cache...
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