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  • one more thing - there's another member on TE who owns JVC KD-X30 / X40....he wrote the amp of this model is superb, and the sound is too good! he highly recommends this model!
    well, i even read that blaupunkt has closed its 'shop'....though you could find some models with sellers, but after reading this am wary about after-sales services....so let's forget about it....just keep in mind --> alpine, kenwood, jvc, pioneer....on TE there's a member who is a staunch follower of pioneer HUs....he says he's listened to almost all of them & pioneer sounds the best of them all....now he made me still more confused....i guess everyone's taste differs....a member replied to me that if possible, listen to 1 HU from each brand, and that will be the SQ for possibly all the models for each respective brand....

    i'll check about reliance autozone here....sounds good....i have to get the set-up done by saturday, so need to go out now for the 'real' chase....and what model did you audition? how did you find it?
    may be....can't say....to get the original ones, you'll have to specify that to the seller. hence i am trying to find out sellers in my area who deal in original stuff. a good way to find such sellers is to inquire about them with your car service-centre (where you generally get your car serviced).

    i think in our budget, only the KD-X30 has a remote as well as BT upgradeability. alpine is considered to be the best among HU makers. and sadly, i don't think there are any kenwood HUs under our budget (sub-4k for the HU). forget alpine. JVC is considered to be a better HU maker than blaupunkt, so no need to bother with it. but the best thing would be if the seller has provisions to give us a demo or a few HUs....that would make our job too easy....and i hope locally there's some good kenwood model avail. in our budget too.
    hmmmm....that's strange, and a point for concern. but may be because the mkt is replete with fake products, perhaps (writing optimistically), the ones you saw were also fake ;)

    but then after reading that i would also prefer kenwood....hope we get a good model (if any, that is) under 4k....i also sincerely hope the shop-waalaas allow us to demo various HUs, otherwise it will be very tough to choose among kenwood/jvc/pioneer/sony.
    that kenwood HU i was talking about is for 6k....better get KD-X30....and why skeptical with regards to JVC?
    co-axial speakers have a tweeter & mid-range driver sitting close together (hence, 'co-axial'), whereas in component speakers both are placed apart. for a limited budget, co-axials are suggested. also, with components, getting an amplifier can become necessary to power them up properly.
    don't mention!

    yes, lesser-known HUs are suggested mostly when the user doesn't aspire to upgrade the HU soon.

    i think there's a kenwood HU for ~3k. i can let you know the model after some time. also, JVC has a good HU named KD-X30. it costs between 3-4k, or perhaps 3100/- locally. its a very good unit, and has the capability to be upgraded to a bluetooth capable unit when you wish to. have a look at it online.
    Hello Abhilash!
    if you don't mind lesser-known companies, check the HU from 'convex' on ebay....
    also, for HU, other (preferred) options should be kenwood>>JVC>>pioneer>>sony

    i too have more-or-less the same budget of yours, and looking for ICE components....if you want subwoofer, there's one from sony for ~2.5k, some 12L model, and is listed on ebay too....for speakers, get front co-axials for now, and later on you can get component-speakers which you can install on the front, and shift the co-axial speakers at the rear....you can get JBL speakers (they have clear sound) from CS-6 & GT-6 series under 2.5k or 2k....but locally there are a lot of fakes floating around, so make sure you get the original ones, from a car-accessories shop of good repute....
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