1. mithun_mrg

    [For Sale] Water block for CPU

    1. *Model number and details:Cpu water block for Intel/AMD 2. *Date of purchase:Dec 2016 3. Reason for sale:Surplus 4. Warranty details:None 5. *Expected Price:3300 Shipped 6. *Location of Seller:ASSAM 7.Condition: New Unused Included Cpu Block, Intel Backplate, 4 screws, 2x compression...
  2. true_lies

    New Water purifier purchase [Swift purchase]

    We shifted to our new home few months back. Back in the old place, the water used to come from the city water works supplied by the MC. The new place is in the outskirts and away from the MC limits. The water here is quite hard and supplied via bore-well and society underground water storage...
  3. A

    Water Purifier suggestion

    need new water purifier tap water tds is 68 please suggest
  4. A

    new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds

    hi guys, new aquagaurd ro water purifier showing 0 tds whereas tap water showing 72 tds used Buy CPEX Pocket Digital Tds Meter For RO Filter Purifier Water Quality Tester With Free Carry Case Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.i for tds i m worried as i read online that 0 tds is bad, is...
  5. S

    Rain water harvesting

    ever since south india facing severe drought this summer and when came to metro cities I think you know what's the scenario. In hyd that govt initiated Rain harvesting plans and for that requested every individual to form injection wells at home colonies and they offered water connection...
  6. Desmond

    Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars

    That means that life could also exist on Mars. Source: Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars | Science | The Guardian
  7. Shivam15

    Weird problem in my HTC One V - Liquid on top of screen ?

    Hi, I have a two year old HTC One V and it has a weird problem I never seen on any other phone. Its like a slimy liquid on top right of the lcd of the phone. Earlier it was little bit on the side but now its expanded a bit. But everything is working fine without any problem. :| Check the...
  8. icebags

    Fishes are taking a step in evolution to become amphibious/land creatures.

    A few have been spotted in Papua New Guinea, that can walk to land, hunt a bird or two, feed on it for few days and return to water safely. Fish which can walk out of water and breathe on land for six days - The Times of India
  9. ajayritik

    Galaxy Note 2 Fell in water

    It was one of my trip for my birthday and I dropped the phone in the sea water yesterday. I left the phone for around 1-2 hours after removing battery etc. After coming back home I kept phone for charging and when I switched on the phone I saw a white/yellow screen and a red light blinking on...
  10. R

    Good Packaged drinking water in bangalore

    Sorry coudnt find any other location to post this After moving to Bangalore i find many packaged drinking water but some of their packing look trash, and scared to buy So if you are staying here in bangalore kindly suggest good packaged drinking water Railway 1ltr water cost 15rs...
  11. ajayritik

    Need cheapest product available for tap faucet purifier

    I need some decent water purifier that can be fitted to the tap/facuet. Main purpose would be to remove dust particles and other visible particles. The tap water we get seem to have some dust particles or other particles. The primary purpose may be to use for bath and cleaning essential things...
  12. rakesh_sharma23

    AIO Cooler Review Cooler Master Nepton 240M VS Corsair H100i

    AIO Cooler Review Cooler Master Nepton 240M VS Corsair H100i There was time when water cooling a PC was considered as extreme and expensive specially in India, where availability of custom water cooling parts were very rear and importing them to India was a great pain. But now there are...
  13. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on a good waterbottle(Steel)

    Hi guys looking for some suggestions on a good steel water bottle to store water. I bought the Tupperware ones sometime back which though durable seem to have Fungus forming on them. Hence would want to go for Steel bottles this time. Any suggestions. Preferably ones which are not that expensive.
  14. adityak469

    What Accident Have Your Devices Been Into?

    It may be a mobile phone or a camera or anything but most of us have at least one experience of our device having an accident, may it be falling from a height or taking a dip in the water or anything. So why not share those experience and what you did to save the device and how you felt at the...
  15. G

    Himachal tragedy video

    Little depressing but Sharing this for ppl to be aware and careful in future about rising water. 7cWcUl670d4 Source
  16. ithehappy

    A water purifier needed urgently

    Suggest me a water purifier guys. We were using some HUL Pure Sh!t unit, which I broke today in pieces so that my parents will be forced to buy a new one. Yet it was not enough torture that it died, piece of ****. Don't wanna go Aqua Guard way as I have zero faith in Eureka Forbes. So what to...
  17. S

    CPu cabinet

    Looking for a cpu cabinet supports water cooling with good cable management under 5500rs. Thinking about this "Lancool PC-K62R2 Cabinet" comes with 3fans and supports water cooling facility. What is your opinion and any alternative available ? Thanks in advance
  18. Cyberghost

    NASA is planning to make water and oxygen on the Moon and Mars by 2020

    NASA is forging ahead with plans to make water, oxygen, and hydrogen on the surface of the Moon and Mars. If we ever want to colonize other planets, it is vital that we find a way of extracting these vital gases and liquids from moons and planets, rather than transporting them from Earth (which...
  19. ajayritik

    Need a storage Geyser for two people

    Till recently I have used immersion heater for having bath. Thought it's time I upgrade to Geyser. We are two people. So what kind of capacity should we look for? Also the options I considered are AO Smith, Racold and Bajaj. Kindly suggest me which one to go for. Most probably I will buy...
  20. kool

    ►►► [Water RO Purifier] I'm getting Aquafresh Brand for Rs. 5k to 11k. Should i buy or not ?? Help !

    Hi guys, I am using normal Aquaguard Water purifier (e-Boling) from last 8 years. Now i want to buy a Water R.O System for my home. Today i just visited nearest small shop which is selling 3 different brands of purifier : Livpure RO @ Rs.15k, Kent Grand+ @ Rs.15.5k and Aquafesh starting from...
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