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OS hungry kya??

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guys plz help!!

My OS drive is eating lots of bytes dunno y :(

My Xp drive is 14 GB and files inside it are around 9.3 GB but the free space it says its 1.3 GB.

My virtual memory is set to No paging for the OS drive , i've set 4GB for one of the other drives.

But when im in the Virtual Memory settings it says Free space 3.3 GB, WTH is going on??

i cant defrag also coz of low free space

plz help!! SOS :p

thanx in advance :)


damn busy...
how much ram do you have and what are sizes of windows ,program files and documents and settings folders.post its sizes also so that i can help


It could be the working of a worm or a virus. Just uncheck on the "Hide operating system files and folders" and then you might see the files which are occupying the files. Also make sure that you are having many incomplete downloads in the download managers. They can sometimes cause this problem too.


i have 2 gigs of RAM.
ive moved my docs to another drive coz lots of docs.
im using AVAST antivirus, it didnt detect any virus.
Ive cleaned up all restore points.
and i install all the apps to another drive only a few are in My OS drive i.e C drive.

program files - 2.7 GB
Windows -4.83GB
docs n settings -1.43GB

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Download and install TuneUp Utilities 2008.
Do 1-click maintenence.
It will correct invalid registry entries and clean Junk data and do the defrag !


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use some diskspace analyzing software(isnt there?) to find what files are using out hdd space in ur "window$" directory.

well,making ur window$ XP C:\> partn of 4.7 GB :D and installing all softwares manually to D:\> directory may help.yes,if u consider ever any reinstall :)


damn busy...
I was also thinking the same thats y i asked u the ram size. btw your docs and settings folder is having too many temporary files under its subdirectories. so delete those temp files
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