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  1. Sukhdeep Singh

    VMWare Import/Export

    Hi I need a little help. I have few Virtual Machines in VMware 5. Now i want to format Windows and reinstall the OS. Can anyone help me on how to Import these Virtual Machines stored on D: when i reinstall XP and VMWARE ? No one????????????
  2. anandk

    2 relatively lesser know security features in Vista.

    ReDirection Of Data to a Virtual Store. Under a normal/standard User Account, any application that tries to write to a protected system folder like C\Program Files or C\Windows, gets automatically redirected to a Virtual File Store, which is situated within the particular users profile...
  3. K

    virtual memory problem!!!!!!!!

    hi guys i am having windows xp sp2 with AMD Athlon 2.1 GHZ ,512 mb ram(128 shared for onboard graphics card and 80 gb HDD. last week when i booted the system i saw a message saying that "your virtual memory size is very low, increase its size". what is the problem???????? what is the reason...
  4. C

    virtual printer

    hi, i my PC is P11 350 mhz, 20 Gb hdd, 128 MB RAM, i need a virtual printing software. I need to print files of around 500 pages but my software does not allow me to select page no's. Can anybody suggest a software (virtual printer) so I can select specific page for printing. Earlier I was using...
  5. dashang

    i want to download virtual bartender

    I dont know what is it flash or something else. I want to download virtual bartender 1 and virtual bartender 2 from this site: http://www.virtualbartender.beer.com/VB2/ So please tell me solution
  6. dashang

    how to download virtual bartender???

    Can anyone tell me how can i download flash from sites. I dont know what is it flash or something else. I want to download virtual bartender 1 and virtual bartender 2 from this site: http://www.virtualbartender.beer.com/VB2/ So please tell me solution.
  7. P

    Virtual Drive In Vista

    virtual drives like alcohol do not work properly in vista tell me a solution to tis problem
  8. tinku dhar

    Wich LAPTOP TO BUY ?

    hello .... , i want to buy a Laptop but its very difficult to decide wich tooo .... my range is 45k to 50k and i got this Hp Pavilion dv2214TU in my mind as it have all wat i need ..... the main thing is it have 2 Sound output ..... (2 headphones out) as im a Virtual DJ its very imp...
  9. pritish_kul2

    What is virtual memory?

    What is this? i have over 2.0 gb free
  10. faraaz

    Virtual Box...problem installing Windows

    Hi, I've got VirtualBox set up on my computer fine, and I was trying to install WIndows XP Pro SP2 on it. Thing is, when the VM boots up and comes to the screen where the EULA is displayed, it asks me to press F8 if I agree or Esc if I dont. I press F8 but the machine doesn't recognize it only...
  11. vish786

    VMware or Virtualbox or Qemu or Microsoft Virtual PC... which supports beryl

    among this four virtualisation softwares VMware / Virtual Box / Qemu / Microsoft Virtual PC 1. ) which one supports beryl ? 2. ) which software works faster ?
  12. G

    Setting Virtual Machine ?

    Can anyone help me in setting & running a microsoft virtual machine 2007. I got XP, and want to install 98 and vista in virtual machine. PC Config. 1 GB RAM , 3 GHZ D Processor
  13. G

    what is HDFC netsafe virtual card

    can anyone tell me what is HDFC netsafe virtual card, is it free, can we use it as a credit card
  14. Choto Cheeta

    Virtual PC 2007 Cant Run x64 OSes ??

    Well, sad to see that Virtual PC cant run x64 Bit OS :( My Host OS is Windows XP x64 SP2 Processor E6600 3 GB RAM and Virtual PC 2007 x64 installed but still when tryiing to install any x64 OS it refuses by saying no x64 processor found !! :( !!!!
  15. D

    Virtual PC : Internet Connection Sharing

    My Specs 3.4 ghz dual core onboard lan. Windows XP SP2 as host and virtual PC. (Microsoft Virtual PC) I need to share internet connection... i got a dial up like thing which works over a LAN... its called Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE)... if internet connection sharing is...
  16. R

    Payment to Dreamhost

    I need to make yearly payment to Dreamhost web hosting. The website only receive payment via Credit Card or verified paypal account. I don't have both. Please suggest some way, i heard about virtual credit cards. Anybody know how to get them and if i can use it to complete the payment ??? I...
  17. J

    Virtual MObile Browser

    Friends Is there any software that helps to browse WAP sites from our PC..ie a virtual mobile phone browser. Jishnu R
  18. iMav

    virtual PC

    i am using virtual pc i put in ubuntu on it and then select to start it it shows loading linux kernel which is 100% but after tht nothing happens ... i tried slax that gave me an error saying not enough memory to load specified kernel
  19. J

    processor over heating????

    Dear friends iam facing a strange problem when ever iam using more than one program at a time (opening two word documents copying files etc) my processor speed will increase to 90-100% and my system became very slow. When i tried to copy files form one drive to another i cannot do any other...
  20. vinit suri

    virtual cd emulator help???????

    hey guys can ne one tell me of a virtual cd emulator that is detected by dos...i dont want to install os.....sum software??????:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:plzzzzzz help:confused::confused:
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