1. S

    Burnout is out for PC, get your hands dirty!

    Yeah,Burnout Paradise Ultimate is out for PC and will be available in India from Feb 3 i.e. tomorrow. Source All the discussion related to this game can be done here.
  2. Ricky

    Identify genuine battery for acer lappy

    Hi.. As I am going for new acer lappy .. 4530 .. most probably it will be available tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. but there is one glitch.. I first went to Acer Distributor of my Area.. after lots of negotiations he ended up Rs. 31300 well.. not satisfied.. I check various other vendors...
  3. R

    Ram issues

    Recently brought 2x2GB Trancend ram,but the problem is it only shows 3GB ram. Motherboard is MSI P45 NEO F. So, I asked the assembler to come and check tomorrow. What do you think, what is the problem? How can it be fixed.?
  4. go4saket

    Call Of Duty 5 World At War (Ready 2 Fire)

    Good news! COD 5 is out and will try it tomorrow. I had been waiting for this for so long and at last it will be in my hands tomorrow. So guys, get it for yourself and smoke out your guns... Keep posting updates and other info related to this... Ciao...
  5. S

    pdf to word !!!!!!!!

    hi guys plz tell a good pdf to word converter its very urgent............ i hv to submitt my project tomorrow!!!!!!
  6. krates

    Dark knight ...............

    Well going for that movie tomorrow :D jahan bhi gaye positive reviews mille hai post your reviews yaaro..... will post my review tomorrow :D
  7. G

    n82 or c902 ? which is better

    please help me in deciding which is bettr all-rounder in n82 and c902 esp with reference to music. its urgent as i need to get the fone tomorrow itself
  8. koolbluez

    Regd strike, where do we get petrol in bangalore?

    Sorry guyz... but necessity/desperation. Šupər♂ too, drives :confused::D:(:mad: I'm returning to bangalore for 2 days.. for enjoin... and came to know a petrol strike's up there... i also heard some select petrol pumps selling petrol @ hiked up prices there, of course. Can any1 please tell me...
  9. NucleusKore

    OpenSuSE 11.0 IS OUT !!!!

    OpenSuSE 11.0 is out. Am downloading the 32 bit version, DVD, via bit torrent. Anyone in Mangalore can contact me day after tomorrow for a DVD.
  10. ajayashish

    Getting this RIG tomorrow

    I will be getting this machine tomorrow... please comment... Q6600 Thermal Right Ultra 120 Extreme (Already purchsed from PrimeABGB.. waiting for it to arrive and then will fit it myself) Abit IX38QuadGT Corsair 2X2GB 800MHz DDR2 Ram Corsair HX620 PSU Cooler Master 690 Cabinet A cheap Gforce...
  11. ajayashish

    Cooler Fan available in Kolkata

    Hi, i will be buying my new rig tomorrow... it will be with Q6600 and Abit IX38 QuadGT. I will also buy Thermal Right Ultra 120 Extreme. Can some one please suggest me the best fan 120mm probably which will be available in Kolkata. Please let me know as i will be buying it tomorrow. Also...
  12. bharat_r

    can anyone debug this cpp prog pls

    I have my Object Oriented Programming lab exam tomorrow. Hence I'm trying out some programs. This program is to concatenate Strings using dynamic memory allocation. I don't get a compiler error but when I run it it doesn't give output. Please anyone find out the error & tell me asap before...
  13. Dipen01

    !! Ever heard of 'Krawler Networks' ?

    Hey guys, I am from Pune, studying I.T engg (Final yr). Tomorrow i have an Aptitude and Interview for Krawler Networks. I just needed some feedback over this company 'Krawler Networks'. Last year also it had recruited couple of guys from our College. I have no idea abt package as of...
  14. fun2sh

    Urgent Help! Eggsjams tomorrow

    hi guys. i m very tensed as i hav my chemistry second sem exam tomorrow and wat ever things i had remembered in 2-3days has been forgotten. i m forgettin everything after 2-3hrs. i had remembered the whole polymer chapter and now dont even remember a single thing properly. every reaction and...
  15. Kalyan

    Help me choose LCD Monitor

    Hi all.. I have posted my requirements earlier. I am doing it again, just in case. I need an LCD Monitor 17" I will be using it for programming, gaming and movies, a little bit of image editing stuff. My budget is 10k. a little bit more/less is comfortable. The lesser the price, the more...
  16. R

    Airtel Mobile Office question

    I want to activate MO but have a few doubts. Its charges are 20 rupees per day here. So if i activate it today 6 pm, 20 rupees are gone, i want to know when will be the next 20 rupees deducted? tomorrow 6 pm? or is there a particular time for the deduction?? thanx.
  17. Third Eye

    ObjectDock 1.9 TOMORROW!

    Source ->
  18. kunwar

    how can i know the video ram of my pc?

    in dxdiag, display memory is 64 mb while playing pandora tomorrow, vram is 8mb. in mafia, it is 4 mb :idea: :shock: :cry:
  19. S

    is VAT = wait @6600gt

    i read in nus paper that vat will decrease tax on computer stuff from 8% to 4% so should i wait for my card or what ??? i was thinking of buying tomorrow and tomorrow is 28th
  20. kunwar

    What r the system requirements of Star Wars: Battlefront?

    Also tell the requirements of Pandora Tomorrow And Far Cry?
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