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Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
Well going for that movie tomorrow :D

jahan bhi gaye positive reviews mille hai

post your reviews yaaro.....

will post my review tomorrow :D


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Yea.. waiting for the movie .. damn this bomb blast in bangalore.... there will be lot of security checks in the theater too :mad:


Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
movie is ausumn man

joker acting was ausumn

stunts were nominal

but the story was fantastic

btw loved to see the new NOKIA TUBE :)
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Is the movie there in English in Gujarat? I mean since past 2-3 movies, none of them is coming in english, only hindi dubbed. wtf.. last movie that came english was kung-fu panda. TDK, The mummy are both in hindi all over gujarat.

Abhishek Dwivedi

if u happn to c an animated batman of the future ep...in tht thy showd how Joker got alive in da body of Tim Drake...this could be the theme of nxt movie as in TDK joker said to batman "u & i r bounded in a life lng fight" or something similar and that dialog was from that animated batman of the future ep....
although someone else wud have to play joker as in that case joker wud b in someone else's body...:D this cud b da nxt movie theme...
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