1. K

    Budget laptop/netbook required urgently!

    Hey everyone... I need to buy a laptop/netbook tomorrow as my age old Toshiba Satellite lappy is dead and i'am on a very tight budget of 20k... I went through a few similar threads but none could satisfy me. I'll be using this mainly for browsing,watching HD movies,light photo editing using...
  2. 101gamzer

    PlayStation Network Down For Maintenance tomorrow

    Source -PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Tomorrow – PlayStation Blog
  3. theserpent

    4G launch Tomorrow

    Sibal to launch India's first 4G service tomorrow - The Times of India
  4. V

    CPU cooler for 955BE - 1.3-1.5k - Buying tomorrow

    Hi, I have following. 955 BE, Gigabyte 880GM USB3, Arctic Silver 5, Seasonic 620w and Corsair XMS3 4GB 1600MHz. I want to overclock proccy. Stock heat sink is rusted so can not use. I need a decent cooler for it which keeps it below 60° at full HD gaming @3.8/4 GHz. My budget is around...
  5. 1

    Suggestions and help about buying ram,harddisk,ups

    hi to one and all i already have --- 512mb dynet ram 2.67ghz 80 gb hitachi SATA harddisk microtek ups which does not even give 1 sec backup and have been using this since 2 years. so, tomorrow or day after tomorrow i going to buy ram,harddisk and ups i stay at hyderabad and it...
  6. Niilesh

    In Ear Earphones below 500

    Hey guys i need In Ear Earphones under Rs.500. I will buy them from flipkart because of its service and variety. Are these good - Skullcandy D - 2XL In Ear Earphones X2SPCZ ? Please guys help me. i will buy them tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
  7. G

    Confusion between monitor !!

    DELL IN2020M HD LED AOC 22" Wide 2236Vw Samsung SyncMaster S20A300N 20 inch LCD Monitor ViewSonic VA2038wm-LED Monitor Which monitor should I go for ? please help me asap guys getting pc tomorrow !! ty a lot !!
  8. P

    Buying tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Monitor for gaming!!! Help!!!!!!

    Im gonna buy a 22-23 inch monitor for gaming tomorrow....needs to have a native resolution of 1920x1080 (full hd),,,pls suggest some good models.... Price range or lg is preferred but other models are welcome as well...buying tomorrow so i need to make a decision by today...
  9. A

    JEE 2011 Results

    Best of Luck to all for JEE 2011 Results, which will be anounced tomorrow, 25th May. Also post your ranks here.
  10. P

    Need to locate gpu in kolkata!!! Urgent!! By tomorrow!!!

    I live in kolkata.i cant find a retailer who has zotac nvidia gtx 560 ti amp! In stock.the one ive been to says its a 2.5 month waiting list!!! I need 2 of them. Please help me find a store who can get me 2 of these. I can wait for the card for a max of 10 days but no more than that...i need to...
  11. ithehappy

    Buying UPS tomorrow, suggestions...

    I am buying an UPS tomorrow as my D-Link is more or less dead after 4½ years service. Anyway APC will be the brand, but I have planned for 800VA, would that be enough with my config? I don't need 30 or 20 minutes backup, 5 mins will more than enough. Thanks in advance.
  12. Soumik

    Urgent query about full HD LED/LCD

    Hi all, I need an urgent help. My friend has booked a Samsung TV and buying it tomorrow. But as he was confused abt the model, and i couldn't help out much at that time, he had told the guy that he will confirm the exact model tomorrow. His budget is around 30K +/- ~5K. Which is the best TV...
  13. Ronnie11

    Logitech x506 vs Logitech z506???

    Hey guys.i am a little confused as to which one to pick since they are priced quite closely,i heard the z model is the recent one...can anyone here help me pick up a speaker whichever is the best option..need to buy by tomorrow...
  14. B

    want a very early reply

    Respected Sir, I am a subscriber of your digit magazine. My subscription number is ******* (or may be A*****). I've entered in your family in February,2011. I am going to buy my P.C. tomorrow, so I had made my configuration according to your magazine chart. Yet now I am a bit...
  15. rahul_c

    Headphone for Rs 800

    I want to buy a decent headphone with mic under Rs 800. It should be branded, I will be using it mostly for chatting, movies and games. I will be buying it tomorrow so quick replies would be appreciated.
  16. official

    Gaming PC suggestion needed ASAP

    hi guys... i want to build a gaming PC for my brother. My budget is 35k inr..plz suggest asap will buy tomorrow.. All games should run at 1280x1024 resolution at medium-high settings..
  17. Tech.Masti

    URGENT, need budget intel motherboard

    My friend is going to buy a pc tomorrow , need a motherboard of 3.5k max, please Suggest . thanks
  18. eggman

    Help needed from Bangalorians!!

    Hello.. One of my very old friend ,whom I haven't seen from last 9-10 years is coming to Blore. So I will meet him(damn, he is very borring,should've lied) tomorrow or day after!! So can you suggest some place in Blore where we could hangout ....
  19. Ethan_Hunt

    Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X Official Demo

    Links: * * * Main Link via Ubisoft: * Try the...
  20. Ecstasy

    Tomorrow Feb 15th CET exam!!

    Namaskar, Tomorrow Feb 15th is the CET exam so anyone appearing for it? I for one haven't prepared anything yet lol. Anyway, best of luck for your exams whoever is giving it.
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