1. S_V

    My 3 Lakh Rig [Low Bandwidth Warning]

    My 3 Lakh Rig [Low Bandwidth Warning]****Omni GTX 470 Review**** Added... **********************Thread is still in Progress and uploading it takes time to post all images**************** Hello My Friends, How are you Guys? NOTE: I am posting this Thread for Tech Lovers like me but...
  2. bajaj151

    Thermal Compound for Hyper 212+

    Please suggest: 1) Thermal compound for Hyper 212+........CM HTK 002 or ?? (MX2 not available:itwares) 2) Online Shop.......?? 3) How to remove thermal compound......Isopropyl alcohol (Syringical spirit) 4) How to apply........small drop in the middle 5) How to spread..........???
  3. saz

    which thermal paste to buy?

    Hi Guys, I have just bought Corsair H50 from a fellow member here, now I need a good thermal compound to use it with the processor mentioned below in my sig. Kindly suggest me a good thermal compound. I don't have much idea either about various brands and their specifications or about the...
  4. tkin

    Brand NEW(Unused) Tuniq TX4 High Peformance Thermal Compound!!

    SOLD SOLD to manashp9876 Product Name: Tuniq TX4 Product Category: Thermal Compound Specifications: 1. Viscosity: 66,200 CP 2. Thermal conductivity: 6.53 W/mK(better than most compounds in market, better than MX2) Status: Unused, sealed pack. Bill: Not at hand but will be...
  5. mitraark

    Pentium 4 3.0 GHz CPU 100+°C

    I have the possibly the hottest Processor ever made , Intel Pentium 4 531 3.0 GHz .. on an Intel D915GAV Motherboard. Temperatures are soaring way above alarmig levels , i applied new paste , still not decreasing. [ See Attachment for Screenshot ] Idle Temp 90 When opening Firefox - 95...
  6. S

    Thermal Paste

    Hi, Looking to purchase a thermal paste tube. Quantity should be good enough for at least two time application. Preferrably MX2. Should not be too old. NCR seller preferred.
  7. tkin

    CPU Cooler Guide For Sandy / Ivy Bridge Cpus !!

    This post has an update long overdue, I will update this over the next week(I need to read up a bit), I urge you to contribute what you can, reviews, prices, links, articles(written by you), pics(800x600). Recently I'm seeing lots of people asking questions about whether they need an after...
  8. Skud

    What is the Best Way to Apply Thermal Compound?

    Hardware Secrets have tested various methods of applying thermal paste on CPU and tested for their temps. In the end, they confirm what we probably know for quite some time - a small/tiny dot at the middle of the CPU is the most efficient way to get good thermals, no need to spread it all...
  9. M

    Thermal compound selection please help

    I want to buy a good thermal compound for my c2d e6600 and i7 2600k. I have seen the Cooler master Ice Fusion. How is it? Or any alternative from arctic silver? Please give review on ice fusion
  10. S

    Thermal compound query

    Hi, Please suggest the best performing thermal paste available online. Budget is under 1k. Thanks.
  11. guru_urug

    AMD Athlon II X4 630 high prime95 temp

    I have a amd athlon II x4 630 procy (stock) wid msi 785gm e51 mobo. I ran prime95 test (blend) and checked the my surprise the temp reached 67 deg celsius!! I read the max thermal envelope for this procy is 71... is there something wrong with my setup? idle temp is around...
  12. win32.tr0jan

    CPU running but no display

    my friend is having corei3 3.2Ghz,6GB DDR3 Ram,iBall sprinter 600W and Intel DH55TC motherboard.The problem is that his PC gets off automatically after sometime.He used thermal paste and now for 3 days it was running smooth.Today when he was using photoshop,it got off...and now it aint turning...
  13. W

    Need advice for better thermal paste

    currently my 955 BE CPU temps are 39c idle and 56c load. using cooler master thermal fusion 400 with hyper212 plus. are my temps high or normal? Members please suggest me very good thermal paste that would bring down these CPU temps.
  14. utkarsh009

    overclocked my components but need help.

    you all know my config. its in my signature. i oc'ed my proccy from 2.9 to 3.2 ghz. i have set fsb to 225mhz with a multiplier of 14.5x but i havent increased voltage. its 1.425 V (as easy tune 6 lists) i used bios setup for oc as et6 was giving me troubles. i dont have all those thermal paste...
  15. sriharsha_madineni

    Is aftermarket thermal paste really necessary??

    I have a small doubt regarding CPU thermal paste,Recently my motherboard was replaced under warranty and during that gap my proccy and fan were kept aside in a box.Now my doubt is,is that gonna affect thermal paste in any way and do u really need to apply aftermarket thermal paste again??? My...
  16. damngoodman999

    "NEED SOME HELP" Phenom 2 940 - TEMP on wild

    Guyz , i recently bought Phenom 2 940 on stock speed & stock cooler the temp i really get IDLE CPU temp - 50 LOAD CPU temp - 65-70 Core temp is 70 & above on Load using PRIME 95 My cabinet temp shows only 32c , i dont what to do i just chaged thermal paste 3Thrice i put INTEL thermal...
  17. asingh

    Intel E7400 temperature

    Hi.. My E7400 idles at around 58-60C. During game load it hits 90C..Is this all right..?? Am using stock cooling. No overclock. Though when I placed the stock heat sink on the processor, it had some thermal paste from the factory. Which looked quite crappy and inadequate to me, but I still...
  18. sourishzzz1234

    Where to get thermal paste and heatsink

    AM from Kolkata...i tried to find a thermal paste and a ASUS/SUnbeam Heatsink in and around Chandni but none of the shops have it....where can i get these two products and what would be the cost...?? I USE a core 2 Quad Q6600 and it's temperature is always around 60 C i guess it's not
  19. ay_aceoo7

    thermal paste...

    i want to buy a thermal paste....from where will i buy it from computer shop?
  20. awesomeabid

    Which Thermal paste will not void the waranty AMD 64 X2 chipsets ???

    hey guys..!! i m using AMD 64 X2 7750 BE. can you please recomend a gud thermal paste that would not void the waranty of the processor. yes...if i use any paste that is not authorised by AMD, may void the waranty check this out: *
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