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  • but spending 1900 bucks for a 3C drop is not justifiable :(
    although i havent tried oc on load but idle temps @3.4 are 40C
    @3.2 crysis2 temps are 55C core

    i am worried about hitting the dreaded 62C.
    BTW 62C temp limit on phenom is for core or surface??
    okieee here it is

    phenomII x4 955
    asus m4a87td evo
    2x2 gb corsair ddr3
    asus eah 6850
    cm elite 430 chassis with 2x120mm fan, 1 intake & 1 exhaust at back + 80mm intake at bottom
    hi bro :)

    i have been using the 212+ for almost a week now but to my disappointment i have only been able to get a mere 3C drop in temps (37\55 vs 40\58 )
    i have also tried remounting the cooler by filling the gaps between the heat pipes but no improvement, also the cooler is tightly mounted
    although i am in a non AC room and with summer temps but then also its kind of disappointing to spend 1900 for a 3C drop :(
    hey bro

    cannot get an fan bracket version of the 212+ from anywhere, tried every where. even the online retailers arent sure which model no. they have!!

    is it ok to go for non-bracket ver. will i be able to mount another fan with that version?
    i cant believe this!!!
    today this CM guy tells me that he dosent have the fan bracket version of 212(model no. RR-B10-212P-G1) which i wanted

    i guess now i have to order it online as smc & theitwares have that version
    is it safe to order through them as i have never ordered online except ebay

    which one of the two is better
    those are great temps buddy!!!

    when i went to order the cooler today (it wasnt in stock with them) the lowest price they quoted was 2100!! bloody *******s

    smc has good price of 1850+100=1950
    i dont have any experience with these online sellers, will it be ok to take the risk and order from them to save 150 bucks???
    hi damngoodman

    can you plz tell your idle & load temps with hyper 212+ as my current temps while playing crysis are 60 (surface) & 64 (core)
    i can procure it via a local CM dealer for 1900, are there any lower prices available online (already checked the usual suspects like itdepot, smc, prime etc.)
    Dude, I am thinking of buying a 200 mm fan for my HAF X. But I do not want to order it online. Can you tell me where I can get a 200 mm fan in CBE?
    I am sorry about your accident. So how much have you recovered?
    My number is 9677887622, name Ravishankar
    I completed my B.Tech IT in 2010 and am doing a Networking course at the moment.
    I'm from singanallur.
    Where are you from? I assume you are a working professional?
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