Which Thermal paste will not void the waranty AMD 64 X2 chipsets ???

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hey guys..!!

i m using AMD 64 X2 7750 BE.
can you please recomend a gud thermal paste that would not void the waranty of the processor.

yes...if i use any paste that is not authorised by AMD, may void the waranty
check this out:

I've even heard that some of the cooler master's paste have the compound of Shin Estu G 751, so do these thermal pastes contain the same compund.?
*Cooler Master HTK-002-U1

*Cooler Master RG-ICF-CWR2-GP

or else recomend somtin betr......

hoping for quick reply.....!!
thnx in advance

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Nothing like this. But certain thermal pastes are conductive to electricity. If you put too much thermal paste and if the paste spreads on the rest of the processor from the heatspreader, it will short circuit. Some thermalpastes are not conductive though- like artic mx-2 and tuniq tx-2. Frankly speaking a pea size application on the centre is more than enough since heat and pressure between heatsink and processor spreads the thermal paste for you. You just need to cautious that when you install the heatsink, make sure you put the heatsink properly so that the thermal paste will spread accordingly.
It is also important to clean the old thermal paste from the thermal paste and heatsink base as well. You will need isopropyl alcohol with above 90% alcohol content level which you will get from chemists easily AND an un- used lint free cloth. Clean the processor's heatspreader and heatsink base properly. Mixing old/new and/or different brand of thermal paste could elimate any thermal conductivity- and also possibility of short circuit is a possibility.


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Since the question is not which thermal paste is good, but which one will not void the CPU warranty, my answer is that I don't know.

However, I'd like to ask the OP: Why do you need thermal paste other than the one that came with the stock cooler? Do you overclock heavily? Did the original paste get spoiled? Are you using a third-party cooler that does not come with its own thermal paste?

The need for some exotic thermal paste (and its benefit) is often overrated. Keeping a processor cool is important, but the difference made by using an expensive paste is much smaller than many people think.


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MX-2 is gud and is non conducting as The Sorcerer said. So no chance of short circuit if overapplied.
Even if ur CPu got dead somehow, before sending it for RMA, wipe off ny thermal paste uve applied with some alcohol, that shud do it..
nyway havnt heard of voiding warranty if u use fair gud compounds, unlike the 10~20 bucks ones [usually used with transformers and ICs in amplifiers and other equipments].

The Sorcerer

oh wow...Xenforo!!!
MX-2 is gud and is non conducting as The Sorcerer said. So no chance of short circuit if overapplied.
Well that doesnt mean one should over apply. In certain scenarios, over application could some thermal problems. Besides cleaning the other side of the processor and the socket is not that easy.
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