Where to get thermal paste and heatsink

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AM from Kolkata...i tried to find a thermal paste and a ASUS/SUnbeam Heatsink in and around Chandni but none of the shops have it....where can i get these two products and what would be the cost...??

I USE a core 2 Quad Q6600
and it's temperature is always around 60 C
i guess it's not Ok...so what do i do??


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I too uses same processor and its temperature is also around 60C. So no need to worry its normal.:lol:

60C doing what?????
unless your are on >80% load,60C is way too much!!and you have to worry abt it.
on idle,browsing etc temps should be less than 45C


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I can't answer the OP's question of where to get a special thermal paste in Kolkata, but as a matter of clarification, let me say that using an exotic and expensive thermal paste does not make as much difference as many people think. The difference made by using 'special' paste as against the one that comes with the heatsink will be only a couple of degrees.

It is very important, though, to make sure that the heatsink is mounted properly and that the paste is applied in such a way that it will spread evenly with pressure from the heatsink.

FWIW, ordinary thermal paste is easily available from any good electronics parts shop (not computer shops) in Chandi Chowk and the neighbouring Madan Street. In fact, I bought a few bottles from a shop in Chandi while I was in Kolkata last week. Each small plastic bottle contains enough paste for at least a couple of dozen CPUs. I've forgotten whether the price was 5 or 10 rupees each. Electronics parts shops will know it better as 'heatsink compound'.
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For Cooler Master and Thermaltake Cpu Coolers try Velocity next to Technocrat,opposite emall.And as for thermal paste get OCZ Freeze,a good thermal paste does help,.It will keep proccy Temps down by atleats 4C down if applied properly.that s a lot for gaining system stability while overclocking.

For Sunbeam you have to go online.


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I bought mine from Om Electronics, not far from the point where it branches off from G.C.Avenue opposite HDFC bank. The add given on their card is 4, Biplabi Anukal Chandra Street, Near Sabir Hotel; phone 2212-6193 and 2253-7157. I've checked my cash memo and it's Rs.10 per small bottle.

But, as I said before, it should be available from most good electronics parts shops. Heatsink compound was in common use in electronics long before PCs existed. It's may also available from shops in Howrah.

Caution: Before buying, open the bottle and make sure the consistency is really a paste. Once, a few years ago, I asked a friend to buy some for me but the paste he brought was too dry and crumbly.


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I'm not saying that there is absolutely no need to use the more specialised thermal pastes. Just that the difference is not as much as many people expect.
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