1. R

    What Thermal paste should i get.

    i need one to apply on my proccy. and i believe there diff types of which brand and type do you suggest? ill be probably buying it off ITWares or lynx or does any one know a shop that sells them in Cochin? ITwares Artic Arctic Silver 5 (3.5gms)...
  2. direfulsky

    cpu temp

    Hello guys,i have intell G31 chipset motherboard,and intell core 2 duo E7200 cpu.I want to know watts normal cpu temp. my cpu temp reaching up to 80 to 85 degress.(its not over clocked) this is temp when cpu usage is 1 or 2%.shall i need to apply thermal paste? if yes pls tell me how i can...
  3. ¦Rage--oצ

    Thermal Paste

    hey by mistake removed the thermal paste between the processor and the fan is it necessary for it to be there if yes whats the approx. cost of it............ plzz suggest
  4. saqib_khan

    Why is my Processor overheating???

    Hi, I just built a new PC. The processor is Intel Dual Core E2180. I assembled it from scratch. In starting it shows PC Health Status as CPU temp = 57 degree C . System Temp= 36 degree C. I also applied thermal paste on the processor but still the temp is not normal. The fan is...
  5. ionicsachin

    Isopropyl Alcohol for cleaning proccessor

    Hi cud anyone tell me denerally whr do we get isoproplyl alcohol....the one which we use for cleaning proccy before aplying thermal paste
  6. entrana

    where to get thermal paste in kolkata

    where to get thermal paste in kol. my cpu is overheating its running like 48 on idle
  7. J

    Thermal Compound - how important?

    This is an excerpt from anandtech- "For consistency of test results, we use a standard premium silver-colored thermal compound. In our experience, the thermal compound used makes little to no difference in cooling test results. This is particularly true now that processors ship with a large...
  8. chesss

    lithium based thermal paste

    Hey zaada hasna mat.. :D i have this grease which states "good structural thermal and oxidation stability " , its lithium soap based, can it be as a thermal paste?? for the cpu? Its originally for auto-industrial use.. i am asking this , coz I read on another forum a guy used...
  9. AquaWolf

    Disabling Thermal Cutout

    Does anyone know how to disable the automatic thermal cutout?
  10. N

    CPU Temp 103 C HELP!

    I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHZ CPU installed on a Intel 915GAV M/Board. My CPU was restarting and in latter days it was suddenly turning off. This I knew was due to overheating. The temp remained at 85C to 95C with LEAST LOAD. I began to suspect that if the assembler had applied thermal paste...
  11. azzu

    HP Launches Blackbird 002 Gaming Desktop

    HP has launched a new monster of a desktop, which it is simply calling the Blackbird 002. This powerful new desktop comes encased in a cast aluminum chassis, boasts of some customized cooling and thermal solutions such as separate thermal chambers for processors, GPU and PSU. The system also...
  12. Ankush_is_here

    May i use thermal paste on my processor and how to use

    Hi guys pls tell me how i will use thermal paste on my intel 2.4 processor. And can i directly use my pc after pasting without wait for some time..
  13. spynic

    wer do i get thermal adhesive??

    wer do i get thermal adhesive?? preferably mumbai... may be 3M or artic silver ne1?
  14. anilmail17

    is Thermal paste really needed?

    i recently buy a new motherboard and then installed my old Proccessor on it. My PC is working fine but someone told me that while installing CPU i must put thermal paste on it. I never used thermal paste and want to know the use of thermal paste, is it necessary to put thermal paste, from where...
  15. S

    Thermal paste

    Can anybody tell me where can we get artic silver 5 thermal paste in bangalore??wat is the price? Also wat are the temp u ppl gettin with core2duo e4300 ?? TIA srinivas
  16. blackpearl

    Thermal Paste substitute??

    There is guy in my neighbourhood who is a doctor (he is still doing his PG). He has a PC, a Celeron 2.4GHz, and he likes to tinker around with it. Last sunday he removed the heat sink to clean and since he did not have any thermal paste he applied some Ultrasound gel instead when reinstalling...
  17. A

    thermal compound,,

    have a packet of 3x1mg tubes of antec thermal grease..... its not the silver thingy but white in colour...... see this link for pic.... * .....quote ur prices..... its bout a month old nd i have stored it in ma fridge.......
  18. A

    No Thermal Paste !!

    Can anybody plz help me out with my doubt regarding thermal paste and core 2 duo? I got this E6300 (1.86Ghz) the box pack which came with a thermal heat sink.When i installed the chip and heatsink i didnt apply any thermal paste on my own.Is it alright to use it this way? I dont plan to...
  19. B

    thermal pest

    where can i get thermal pest for my P4 HT 3.00 GHz in pune city ? price=?
  20. A

    thermal compound.......

    i got ANTEC thermal grease...........picture is given below.... * there are also a few pics showing the temps from riva tuner......plzz go through them too if required..... i have has been having...
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