1. W

    ASUS- K55V Laptop Thermal Shutdown Issue

    Hi All, My ASUS- K55V Laptop has Thermal Shutdown Issue. It is a faulty Manufacture defect and only happens when gaming. I play games in low settings still Thermal Shut Down. ASUS Service Centre is not taking responsibility or helping identify the problem. Googled and found similar...
  2. C

    Need Thermal Paste for CPU/GPU in Delhi NCR

    I am urgently looking for good quality new/used Thermal paste like arctic silver, cooler master, deep cool, noctua, IC diamond etc. in Delhi NCR region. I am not able to find in local shops, don't have time to go Nehru Place. Just few grams would be enough.
  3. ratul

    Budget Thermal Compound, Suggestions?

    My laptop is idling around 60c these days, so i think it's time to change the thermal compound after 1.5years or so, have my eyes on deepcool z5, but any other suggestions in the same price range under ₹500 would be appreciated.
  4. A

    Suggest me a Thermal Paste

    Hi guys, my HP Pavilion is running really hot now 60 on idle and 90-100 on heavy loads in the time of winter.If i won't do something my chip will fry up.I need to clean it and apply thermal paste.What should i buy.Please suggest a good thermal paste out there.I don't wanna compromise on that.In...
  5. A

    CPU cooler for i5-2500k

    Recently my CPU has started dropping in performance ( i suspect thermal throttling), as it reaches temps of 96 degrees Celcius while playing Borderlands 2 co-op online with a friend. I feel that changing the thermal paste and a upgraded cooler should help with the temp, and allow me to overclock...
  6. I

    Please suggest Thermal Paste for about Rs 500

    Hi all, I have an old gaming oriented machine that has a core2duo E4500. I often overclock it from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz but it seems that recently it has been heating up till till 70degrees C. I cleaned up the cooler(stock Intel) and found that my last application of thermal paste has dried out...
  7. T

    Thermal Paste MX4 or MX2 or AS5 or Noctua Nth1

    Hi guys, my Dell Inspiron 15R is running really hot now 75 C idle and 100+ C on load and if I dont do something then it can very well fry in summer. I need to clean it and apply some good thermal paste. What should I buy ? Arctic Silver 5 [Rs. 580] or Arctic MX4 [Rs. 810] or Arctic MX2 [Rs. 625]...
  8. ancientrites

    pc/laptop thermal paste in mangalore?

    Hi, i need help,where can i get high end thermal paste for laptops and laptop in mangalore?brands like deepfreeze or any other.
  9. bssunilreddy

    Urgent Help needed...

    Hi, Urgent help needed... My PC config is in my siggy. My PC is restarting only while gaming otherwise it does not restart. What could be the problem? I re-assembled the whole system and re-applied thermal paste while using CM Hyper 212x as CPU Cooler. What could be the problem? Please it is...
  10. anandharaja

    How to apply thermal paste to Asus GTX 670

    hi, my GPU reaches the temperature of above 70 in just a minute while rendering. but earlier it takes at-least 10 minutes to reach 70, so i think the paste should dry, i want to replace that one. searched in google not found any proper video to apply the thermal paste/ removing the heat sink for...
  11. warfreak

    El cheapo thermal paste?

    Recently, I took to cleaning my PC by taking it apart. Naturally I rubbed off all the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink. Now I need to apply thermal paste and I have 2 options, go for a reliable brand like thermaltake or Artic Silver which costs > 500 bucks or go for a non branded...
  12. @

    Bangalore: Where to get my Dell laptop serviced?

    I have Dell XPS L501x. I want to have my laptop serviced. It was done two years ago, in 2012, by dell, under warranty. It's overheating and I know there's lots of dust has accumulated. Due to my heavy usage I am sure even thermal compound also has wore off. So basically I want to have its...
  13. S

    Want to buy thermal compound.

    One of my friend is coming from the US and i'm planning to tell him to get me ( IC Diamond 24 Carat Thermal Compound - 4.8 gram: Computers & Accessories ) IC Diamond is the best thermal compound available I think, did a lot of research on the net and found this as one of the best...
  14. A

    Amd Fx 8320 Overheating and shutdown

    Hello, My CPU is shutting itself down after playing 10 minutes of COD Ghost. I've checked the temps and it is going up to 80C. I am using stock cpu cooler. I think the problem is with the thermal paste . Here is the image of temp and processor and heatsink . Could you please...
  15. R

    [Review] Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 Motherboard

    Introduction : Asus has been producing TUF series of boards for a while now and the latest in that series is the Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 motherboard. Asus has done well in improving the reliability and bring unique features for cooling and monitoring with the TUF series and have take it a step...
  16. CA50

    [For Sale] Noctua NT-H1 Thermal Paste

    SOLD !
  17. seamon

    Thermal Paste for laptop.

    Suggest me some good thermal compounds to apply on my Ultrabay GPU. I am interested in IC diamond, Arctic silver V, Coolermaster High performance and the sort. The requisite is that it must have Cash on delivery and within 600 bucks. Worst scenario, I'll go with Arctic Silver V from prime abgb.
  18. A

    Best thermal paste for AMD x6 1100t BE within Rs 500 ? - INDIA, Kolkata

    I have AMD x6 1100t Black Edition on Asus 990fx Crosshair(mobo), temp sometimes rises to 65C and above, if I open too many web pages at a time(may be due to excessive media content) or gaming. While the default pasting that came was wasted when I opened the heat sink. Any clue on which...
  19. H

    [Query] Looking to buy : HeatSink Thermal Compound/Paste Needed

    mx-2/artic silver 5/ or any other reputed brand thermal compound . if anyone has it and willing to sell it , ping me , !!!
  20. sparx

    [Want to Buy] Needed Arctic MX-2/MX-4/ Coolermaster Thermal Fusion 400

    Arctic MX-2/MX-4/ Coolermaster Thermal Fusion 400 are out of stock on all the online store I have come across, if any one can get me these, please let me know.
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