1. C

    Are my Pc Temps safe?

    Pc config:- intel xeon e3 1246-v3 gigabyte b85 d3h-A CM 311 elite with only 1 stock fan (120mm rear) stock intel cooler hyper x fury 8gb antec vp 500pc Hi everyone last month i had build my system but now i have doubt regarding temps is my pc temps are safe i have done prime 95 tests Pc...
  2. V

    i3 4150 Idle and Full load temps?

    Please let me know your i3 4150 idle and peak temps. How much diff would it make if the PC cabinet is placed in Room temperature.?
  3. A

    Asus R9 280x high load temp ?

    Hi, I'm having Asus r9 280x and living in Mumbai. My cabinet is corsair spec 1 having 2 corsair af 140mm fans quiet edition and one rear and one top exhaust are nzxt fn 120mm. CPU is i5 4570 plus cm hyper 212x. GPU idle temps are 42c and under load for crysis 3 at ultra settings for an hour or...
  4. seamon

    Laptop Temps.

    I found this after playing Infinite Crysis for 1 hour today: Should I: a)Repaste GPU 1+CPU with Arctic Silver V. b)Make Real Homemade Laptop cooler 3.0. c)Try to decrease ambient temps using AC. d)None of these. - - - Updated - - - OK. I just did a "Kirtan" test. Prime95+Heaven...
  5. flyingcow

    Running GPU fans at 100% + Other questions

    NOTE: Before you judge- I am fully aware that a mainstream card such as this one should not be expected to be a good overclocker, nor should i expect a large performance increase from overclocking it, and i do not intendto do it for performance boosts, rather to get some experience with OC...
  6. Aravind92

    Max temp for r7 260x?

    Bought a new Sapphire radeon R7 260x 2gbb ddr5.What should be idle and load temps on this card?\I live in chennai. Ran a furmark burn in for 15 minutes and the Gpu reached a max of 92 degrees.Really concerened about the temperature. Its a new card.Here is my whole config: I3-3220 gigabyte...
  7. D

    i7 4770K overclocking review and advise

    Hello, MY Rig is as follows i7 4770K Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty 4x4 Kingston HyperX Red Seasonic M12 750 Watt Corsair H100i PowerColor 7750 I was running everything at stock and I was checking my voltage via CPU-Z it showed Idle voltage at .800 volts and full load voltage ( 3.8 Ghz @...
  8. true_lies

    c2q temp difference

    i have my intel c2q q6600 clocked currently @2.7 GHz. previously i used to check my temps with Real Temp GT (ver 3.7). The idle temps remained between 55 and 60 C during the summers without A/C. I was looking to overclock it further to @3 GHz. Recently i installed SpeedFan (ver 4.49) as well...
  9. V

    Hd 6850 overheating

    I've hd6850 2gb which I mainly use for gaming and often, it's overheating. I play cod4. I used to get steady 250fps in game now I hardly get 200. Also, the temps are around 55-60c. Help me? My gpu drivers are upto date.
  10. F

    Which Cooler do i get!!!(urgent)

    1)Deepcool ICEEDGE 400 XT 2)Noctua NH-U9B SE2 92mm SSO CPU Cooler 3)Cooler Master Hyper 412 Slim Cooler I am Have a Coolermaster CMP350 Case (It's damn small i guess for a 212 Evo) Asrock 990FX extreme3 AMD FX8350!! My Current Idle temps around 40c My Budget is 4-5k(Cheaper the better :D)...
  11. A

    GPU Cooler

    Ok, so I want to buy a cooler for my ati radeon 7750 OC since it reaches extremely high temps on load (90-100c) with stock fan. Please suggest :)
  12. Thetrueblueviking

    CPU cooler

    So the budget is flexible from 2 - 4 k. Which one would be the best. I am not into overclocking until summers but my cpu is idling at 48 which i dont like. And also, in summers when the ambient temps would be ~ 37 deg, I am planning to OC the cpu to ~ 4.2 ghz. I know hyper evo performs...
  13. Thetrueblueviking

    Whats wrong with my rig ? CPU @ 100 deg :(

    No gaming, no cpu intensive apps and still computer lagging even while playing 720p movies. Is it a virus ? Should I try formatting ? And most annoying - idle temps as high as 100 deg. I am using stock Intel cooler. Probably you re going to say - go get a after-market CPU cooler; But I think...
  14. CommanderShawnzer

    CM notepal U2 or U3 for my laptop?

    i'm planning to buy one of these for my laptop it has serious heating issues on load it reaches 82 -85c and at 88c it shuts down my laptop is a 15.6 incher if anyone has used one of these C-pads how much temps does it lower? which one is better for my laptop?
  15. T

    Motherboard Temps

    Hi, I have an Intel DH67BL (B3) motherboard and the PCH temperature is always around 60C. It usually fluctuates from 58 to 61C but I am worried this is high. Also, the VR idles at 33-35 and under load it reaches 38-43C. The 'memory' shows temps around 33-39C. I think the VR and Memory...
  16. S

    New pc needed

    My friend needs a new pc. Budget is 60,000. It will be used for watching hd movies and listening to music. He wants a monitor of 23-26 inches. He will need a cool pc as temps go easily above 40 in summers and he has no ac. Please suggest me the best configuration.
  17. T

    CPU Temperatures Issue (Non OC)

    *img703.imageshack.us/img703/3964/snapmt.jpg I have a Gigabyte Mobo which comes with EasyTune. The Temps reported are different in Eaytune and HWMonitor. These temps are after mild Browsing and Media Playback. Easytune Shows 37 Deg which seems more correct than HWInfo which is...
  18. rahul.007

    load temps of my msi r6770

    my load temps for gpu while playing cod black ops with 2x aa at 1440*900 are around 60'C and idle temps are b/w 38'C-40'C.. are these ok? *lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_336EKSWNUU/T3VLnkf36fI/AAAAAAAAAB8/-KcitG_7j2w/s720/Capture.PNG
  19. rajatGod512

    High CPU Temps !!!

    Hi! Friends. From past many months my cpu temps have been quite high about 55-60 c at idle . The CPU is not overclocked and running at stock speed with the stock cooler . Even just after starting my computer when i open SpeedFan I get high temps , but in the bios when I see the temps are quite...
  20. Mr. Officer

    Overclocking - E5300 + G41MT-S2

    Hello, This is my first crack at overclocking and to add to that my overall knowledge about computers and the hardware that goes into it was very basic but it has improved and as a result I can proudly drop very :D . Since its still basic all the info that I've collected is from internet...
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