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  • Faun will ship them today , or maybe tomorrow.
    So , Yet to try them.

    In case if they don''t suit my ears , will let you know.
    For the moment , I beleive Ultraphile and SM E30 are available.
    You can ask him about RE-0 though , it might be still available.Better than Hephaes.
    Well I could have gone out with RE-0 , instead of this one , but can't spend more than 1400 and RE-0 is sold out as well.
    Ultraphile looks good but in not durable for my rough usage pattern.
    I recently broke my previous IEM , which were well built and sturdy.
    Dunu d16 fits my requirements , however if the sound signature doesn't suits my ears ,you can get them from me.
    Mr. Viking , chances are that I would be getting DN-16 from Faun.
    However , in case if the sound signature doesn't suits me , I will send them to you.
    I'll let you know because Rishi will be choosing one from DUNU Hephaes and Xears Ultraphile.
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