Are my Pc Temps safe?


Right off the assembly line
Pc config:-
intel xeon e3 1246-v3
gigabyte b85 d3h-A
CM 311 elite with only 1 stock fan (120mm rear)
stock intel cooler
hyper x fury 8gb
antec vp 500pc
Hi everyone last month i had build my system but now i have doubt regarding temps is my pc temps are safe i have done prime 95 tests Pc temps - Album on Imgu but normally my temps are ranging from 30 to 70 degree c.I use this pc for browsing and some Android development work Also i don't have any graphic card neither i do any kind of gaming at all.So please suggest did i need any cooler,fans,etc i want long life from my pc .
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Hi cr7jr,

Generally, anything above 90 is when you should be worrying as dangerous periods at this temperature can ruin the lifetime and wear down your computer components.
However, temp is almost same as prolonged periods, it can affect the hardware anytime.
To overcome the problem, you can consider getting a new liquid cooling system or take regular breaks.

Hope it helps.
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