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  1. Ricky

    The strange inaccessible

    I have a strange problem, someone who thinks that he is so smart.. had an argue with me.. so he had done few wrong things to my system and one still not solved is in the image below In that a folder named "MAK" gives above error(as shown in the picture) whenever I try to open, its not...
  2. the_moon


    Well, strange topic.... more strange is the problem that I'm facing with Y! Messenger. For the past few days, whenever I sign in to Y! messenger, I get a request to add someone by the ID: why_is_life_such_a Nomatter how many times i deny & choose to IGNORE all requests from the ID, i get the...
  3. 786

    BHUUT call if you dare

    I live in Kolkata. Y-day I heard a strange thing, there are two nos. i> 1020304050 & ii>9886788888 where if you call you can hear strange things/sayings(like it does in ghost movies) by which you may get affraid. I didn't call because I was too affraid to do so. Can any one give me any clue...
  4. rohan

    Nasty popups + Strange network problem

    I'm having strange problems recently. Two popups come from nowhere and attempt to load a page within that app. They both are actually windows run by a single app. When I traced that app, I came to know that the app was in the 'TEMP' folder by a name 'win4f.tmp.exe' which means it is being...
  5. N

    A Strange problem

    i am facing a very strange problem with my P.c. When i power on the U.P.S of my p.c. then My pc also starts up without even pressing the power button. What could be reason of such strange behavior shown by my P.C. My P.C.'s configuration: Via c3 800 mhz processor on krypton M6VLS Mobo 128 mb...
  6. sagar_coolx

    strange files.

    hi guyz. i have win xp with sp2 installed on my 160 gb segate sata hdd with 4 ntfs partitions. but on each partitionh,there are some strange files as shown in the picture. ] what are these?are they created by vius/spyware?how can i delete or hide them?
  7. H

    Crashing D/L Speeds...Broken downloads...Sleepless Nights...

    Hello All... I have been encountering this strange problem for the last 5 days now.... I am using BSNL dataone broadband since the past few months & the experience has been great so far....But for the last week Whenever I start a download, it starts downloading at somewhere around 45-50...
  8. L

    Strange problem in task manager......

    Strange problem in task manager......How to get back the menu????These problem occured in my freinds pc...............
  9. prankie


    I own a Nokia6600 smartphone... Its about a few days i'm facing a strange problem, whenever i try switching on bluetooth from: Menu>Connect>Bluetooth following error comes. "Unable to perform bluetooth operation !" Can anyone help???
  10. wizrulz


    I have a strange problem with my cd-writer. => It can read and write the normal cds but it cannot read or write the smaller cds(185mb)? :roll: I cant figure out this problem???? Can anyone help :?:
  11. A

    Strange problem!!!!!!

    Dear friends, I had recently experienced a strange problem What happens is when i double click any drive, or ny folder, the search command is executed?? i did something fishy with internal settings, also try to undo it, but to no avail. plz help me in this case with the cause and the...
  12. J

    MB temperature higher than that of Processor?

    Just now, while browsing the web, I happened to check the temperatures using Asus Probe 2. The Processor temperature is 38 degree and the MB temp is 39 degree. It sounds strange to me. Pl comment. (AMD 64 3000 + A8N-E + 2 x 512MB Transcend) V.Prem Kumar
  13. A

    XBox 360 has shown serious probs

    One reasonable gamer says that "Between my friends and I, we bought 6 machines at the Zero Hour event. Of the 6, my machine has a dead hard drive, another machine is working but is rather flaky (seen some strange behavior - the drive may also be scratching discs, as my friend's copy of Condemned...
  14. sujeet2555

    strange mouse problem

    i have a strange problem about my mouse.the pointer moves randomly up and down without touching the mouse.i have done all the things to be done.sometime it move smoothly but often it give me this problem and it goes alright from doing what ,i don't know.has my mouse got problems?
  15. T

    Strange but true

    Guys i have a strange problem, I upgraded to 3.0 ghz p4 Its temperature is well under control Also i upgraded the ram to 400mhz which i later replaced The problem is that the programs freeze, i mean not in the normal kind of way , Its only a certain but majority of Win Gui...
  16. D

    Cannot access drive. Please help.

    Whenever i try to open E drive i get this error "E:/ is not accessible Error performing inpage operation" I can access all of my other drives except E:. What is this strange problem? Is this a virus or what? Help will be appreciated.
  17. T

    Strange software prob..plz help

    This is a strange kind of problem which i have never heard of before. The softwares i have installed get uninstalled automatically if i dont use them for a long time. I have got windows xp. The games which come with windows also get deleted if i dont use them for a long time. I dont understand...
  18. Deep

    Strange problem with Sony 512 MB memory stick pro

    Hi, I purchased Sony DSC-S60 yesterday with 512 MB sony memory stick pro. But now I am facing this really strange problem... When I click first 2 pics, it works fine...but 3rd, 4th and 5th doesn't showup on the machine.. It shows file names of 3rd, 4th and 5th pic but when you click on...
  19. K

    Strange Noise Problem

    Hey, I am facing this strange problem. This loud noise keeps coming frm the CPU wenever i switch it on and the system is unable to boot then. The Fan is working all nicely and ,i think, this couldnt be a heat problem. Does the Heat sink problem causes any hinderance with the booting...
  20. ~Phenom~

    can u name it????

    hi friends, recently, i found out one strange thing in PCs. I created a new folder and wanted to name it as "contest" but accidently pressed enter just after writing "con" and to my surprise , the folder didnt get renamed as con , rather it turned back to" new folder " . i tried it...
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