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Well, strange topic.... more strange is the problem that I'm facing with Y! Messenger.
For the past few days, whenever I sign in to Y! messenger, I get a request to add someone by the ID: why_is_life_such_a
Nomatter how many times i deny & choose to IGNORE all requests from the ID, i get the reuqest everytime! The stranger part is that even if I sign in for a minute,deny the request, sign out & then sign in again immediately, I get the request! This proves that no human must be behind this!
I even tried re installing Y! messenger but it was of no avail!
I am completely puzzled over this!


Would you believe it??? I added the ID in the ignore list, signed out & signed in again to check & I got the same old request!! when I checked my Ignore list, the ID had vanished!! Tried this 3-4 times, but to no avail!

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
Seems a bot problem!
U can do one more thing!
Select the option "Ignore anyone who is not on my messenger list". After enabling this option no other person except ur friends can send PM U.

Hope it'll work for U. :)


Did you check your machine for spybots/spyware? Take a HijackThis log.

Go to a cyber cafe or use some other machine and login to Y! See if you still get this invite? If you get it even on other machine, its not your machine prob and complain to yahoo. If you don't get it, then the prob is in your machine.

So first find out where the enemy is residing then you can tackle him better :D

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
I got an Idea! :D

Why not first accept his/her request and after accepting request add the ID into IGNORE LIST. It'll keep u away from that ID for always!!!


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Vishal Gupta said:
Now u should try Y!Tunnel, its an anti-booting software.

I was about to recommend it. Now this tunnel has one beautiful option which allows you to ignore ids with wildcard like

Ignore I_blabla_*.* so, I wud recommend you that.

Purchase *yawns*

Edit: Also has the option of auto deny auto ignore and many auto's
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