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  1. V

    Can't install or run some softwares. Strange problem...

    I have strange problem. The system is giving some dll error when i try to run or install some programs like Opera, calc.exe etc. The error message is attached. Also Windows Media Player runs in background even after closing. It also takes about 65 % or more CPU resources. How to fix these...
  2. N

    Strange prob.

    Hi , I hav a strange prob.. I hav a bsnl broadband connection.I hav 2 pcs , Its works fine with 1 pc but with other link ( LED) repesdly vanishes and net disconnects . Mind it i hav tried both Pcs frm same ADSL line and port.. My PC is Windows XP sp2, D915GAV, Like Link breaks after5-10...
  3. izzikio_rage

    strange problems

    hi of late I have been having a strange combination of problems ...first my bootsector becomes corrupt every few days ...also after some time of using my computer my CPU useage shoots to near 100 %... I have tried scanning with kaspersky 6 and have run scandisk a lot of times ...My computer...
  4. D

    Very Very Strange Problem.........

    Hi, i m using windowsxp n having 2 net connection: 1. Sify Cable net (Works Very Well) 2. Mtnl-Dialup (used only when Sify Net is off) but i have one strange experience............ normally i use sify cable net throughout but while browsing through sify net i have one problem...
  5. rahul30

    x2 4200 coming for just 5k..in kolkata

    today some dealers in chandni qouted me the price of amd x2 4200 as rs. 5000 and some quoted rs. 5500...i was really surprised because everywhere else i found out it was rs. 6900 somewhere while some places it was 7900...thats really strange...the guy like vedant infotech,marc infotech are...
  6. ╬Switch╬

    Google ANSWERS discontinued!!!!

    Does anyone know why ANSWERS has been discontinued??????? Feels quiet strange to me.
  7. kerthivasan

    What Is Bit Torrent?

    hi. i am new to this computer field. in many books i have read the name bit torrent. can u say me who is he? and y he has kept a strange name like that? where is he? is he a hacker?
  8. R

    dll error on ebay using FF2.1 & IE6

    Strange thing happening when I try to login to ebay.in, for some strange reason it happens &then stops but when I want to contact a seller then this surely happens. How to get rid of this error.
  9. destroyme

    Help me Frm my Nasty Motherboard !!!!

    Hi , all u there ... i'm Extremely torchered by my Nasty Motherboard ASUS "K8V-VM Ultra" . Condition is so worse that I've to format my Windows every now and then (Even Two times in week) .... specially very strange problem comes every time like ..... 1. My Computer on regular basis suffers...
  10. mr_fanatic

    This is strange: any ideas?

    Hello Team Digit, i had a strange problem. i dont know how or why this happen. the problem is: i have a System of Intel Pentium IV - 2.40GHz with RAM 516 using Windows XP Pro + Service Pack 2. with a hard drive capacity of 40gb + 40gb + 80gb ( C: D: E: F: G: H: I: ) and when opening my computer...
  11. nitish_mythology

    Strange Behaviour of VCD.........

    Hi everyone,I hv a strange problem to share with all of the members of this forum.. My father copied a vcd(promotional vcd of a medicine) from his friend,this vcd contains 3 tracks. He played it on his lappy and the disc was fine,he again played it on my vcd player(aiwa) and it was wrking...
  12. bizzare_blue

    Can't set homepage as blank...

    One of my friend has IE6 installed...he is facing a strange prob from a few days...He is not able to set the homepage to "about:blank" or anything else as the "Use Current", "Use Default" & "Use Blank" buttons are disabled and the homepage has been set to a strange site... I asked him to...
  13. cooldip10

    Strange sounds..

    Hi guys I don't know what but some strange sounds are coming frm my printer HP PSC1410 while performing any task. what do you think is the prob? It has not been a year also frm buying it...:( ||This sure is difficult||
  14. M

    orkut help

    i am seeing strange problem-- This is how my profile will look to----it always changes to myself only. i want it look to for everyone
  15. amit2005

    Strange Problem

    hi guys strange pro..is ocurring with ...every time i reboot my PC one of its hardware is to be installed....sometime Soundcard..some time modem... idon't know...what it is...all the startup programs get ticked n load auto...i've checked for malwares...but in vain...plz suggest
  16. L

    Please Read!!!

    It will be the second time i'm posting about this problem not that nobody helped me they did and i thought it was okay but please guys help me out again this problem is showing up again. Please see the image below:- And the earlier post i made was of this:- Does anyone know what this...
  17. S

    Digit CD can't run!

    okey guys I installed autopatcher today and now whenever I pop-in the november 2005 / december 2005 / january 2006 / February 2006 CD. Nothing happens but HDD LED glows continuously. Neither the discs are bad, nor the DVD-ROM, cuz discs used to work till tomorrow and DVD-ROM can read other discs...
  18. saurabh.sauron

    Strange XP Problem

    i recently got this problem. i reinstalled XP. then when i tried to open opera, it didnt open. none of the programs were opening and there was no error message. even the task manager was not opening. i tried logging off but it hung midway. no executable file opens. i reinstalled XP but the...
  19. executioner

    Strange problem

    Hi, I have spiderman the movie game.a strange problem is happening with it.whenever i hit the up key,it starts running and does not stop.if i tap many action keys at a time then it still continues do it .it stops after a long time.my friend also tried it and the saqme thing is happening with...
  20. saROMan

    Really Strange Monitor problem

    Ok i am having a really strange problem with my monitor..it seems that the monitor has stop showing RED/Green/Yellow Colors...i am posting screenshots to give more Idea ... My Desktop Se how the Opera and Flashget Icons are looking My Color Pallet This is how Digit...
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