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  1. Cool G5

    Strange Blog Comment - Do Check

    Today I wrote an article in my blog : IPL Kicks Off In Style I went on my blog now to check comments & was surprised to see a strange comment linking to a site, which linked back to my blog post. Here is the url of the comment :http://www.indianpremierleague-ipl.com/ipl-kicks-off-in-style...
  2. K

    Help Me out with this strange problem

    Hello Friends/Experts I am having a strange problem with Yahoo Messenger at my office. First thing is they have blocked Rediff website but when the movement they unblock Rediff website the yahoo messenger gives a strange problem like its get log off and login repeatedly. Second problem is...
  3. choudang

    Strange behavior of IE7

    Dear all I have noticed a strange behavior of IE7 on my PC. Whenever I typed something its displaying PAGE CAN’T FIND and in the address bar its showing http:/// I need IE as some banking sites like HDFC is required IE for netsafe. Any suggestions
  4. saurabh.sauron

    Strange FIFA 07 Problem

    I am facing a strange problem in FIFA 07. The game starts fine, but it runs in fast forward. you cant control the players. It's like watching a Football game in fast forward. I tried reducing the speed of the game but it didnt help. The specs of the system are: Intel Pentium M 1.73 GHz 512...
  5. ayush_chh

    Strange Problem!!

    hi guys! i am facing a strange problem. i m getting a blue screen which tells someting of hardware faliure whenever i boot to windows XP...........first time i got this msg, i repaird windows.........but now i get this msg every time i try to boot. i repair it each time and run it but the next...
  6. rahul_jaiswal31

    Very bad situation

    hi i am suffering from folders opening in new windows. some1 told me to unhide files & folders & delete the autorun.inf but :eek: strange there is no folder options. i am usig latest avg but no result. plzzzzzzzzz help
  7. H

    Strange problem in displaying commas

    Hiii everyone.....i am having a strange problem...my os is not showing any commas in between numbers for ex it must show 324,111 but its showing 324111 ......i'm also attaching screenshots just look at them.. Is this a problem or a simple error with any software
  8. The Conqueror

    Strange website problem

    Hi friends, I am facing a strange problem:mad: Every time I type a name of website/open a website in any browser, it says SERVER NOT FOUND.If i Refresh the page for 2-3 times it opens..... is it some spyware/virus ? if yes then plz tell me the name of virus/spyware
  9. D

    Strange shutdown Problem!!!

    Guys I'm having a strange problem lately whose cause I'm not able to trace. I have the follwing config-intel dg965ry mobo,core e6400,trans 1 gb ddr2 533, 250 gb sata2, vista ultimate. The problem is that the pc boots normally but after working for a few min the system shuts down without any...
  10. B

    UFO in Kolkata

    source: http://ecstasypoint.blogspot.com/2007/10/ufo-spotted-in-kolkata-has-city-in.html http://maverickshaunt.blogspot.com/ In the first such incident recorded in Kolkata, an unidentified flying object was spotted in the city’s skies early Monday morning. The fireball, that moved very...
  11. Ecko

    I would have shifted to Linux if ....???

    ....................................... Share why u chose other OS over unique Linux !!! or What were ur simple problems over strange Linux Like few of them r listed below
  12. koolbluez

    MapOfStrange - Google Maps unheard of :D

    Strange things in Google Maps The MapOfStrange website is a way of recording strange, wacky, weird and wonderful anomalies, sights and oddities from Google Maps and Google Earth. Whether someone has written something in a corn field, or there is an aeroplane flying over rural England, it...
  13. phreak0ut

    Has a mythical beast turned up in Texas?

    This is really strange. If you have heard about the legend of the "Chupakabra", you might just well believe it. This animal looks really strange, ugly and downright creepy! There's one thing left to say. There's something out there. Read more about the animal here
  14. K

    not able to format my infected xp...

    recently i encountered a strange problem, wenever i tried to open orkut on my IE, d window closed nd i got a dialogue box saying dat orkut is banned wid a strange sound accompnying it. den d same happnd wid youtube. den i installed mozilla firefox but couldnt use it as evrytime i started it, it...
  15. int86

    No Orkut on Opera

    I cant log to orkut in opera but can log easily in FireFox. I have latest verson of both. Further I tried it on Ubuntu and Xp, but it was same. I deleted all cookies, history and cerficates. I can log to gmail on both browser. And yes tried user agent also. Further I am on gprs. It...
  16. Anindya

    Strange Firefox problem.

    For the last 2-3 days am facing a strange problem. Whenever i click the New posts button or after typing a post or thread or PM i press the send button, the dialog box opens which asks what do u want firefox to do with this file?:mad: How can i rectify this problem? Thanks.
  17. max_demon

    What the F...???

    when i saw that my processer speed is not shown in System properties box , i installed CPUZ but when i looked at HT link and Core speed , i was Shocked!! see the video , it is very strange !! Really , it Should be 2.2 Ghz , Strange !!!:mad::mad::mad: Here is the Video...
  18. bajaj151

    Strange Temperature Display ???

    I am using Zebronics Antibiotic Cabinet from last 3-4 months. Nowdays, the cabinet is showing strange TEMPERTAURE DISPLAY. Instead of temperature, it showing "H1"....I dont know, what my cabinet trying to show in H1 ?????? Plz solve this STRANGE problem...
  19. S

    strange message

    yesterday my avg(free) detected 3-worms and 1-Trojan horse downloader on my computer and it removed all of them. All the 3 worms were of the same type and name(SSVICHOSST.exe) and they were all found in the system32 directory. The next time i opened my PC it showed me a strange message...
  20. S

    Strange looking MESSAGE

    Whenever i try shut my computer down, a strange message appears before the shut down process "SHELL ICON HIDDEN WINDOWS" and i just click on END NOW to get rid of it! any idea why this message is appearing and also please tell me the way to get rid of it!
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