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  1. hansraj

    One of the funny sites!!!!

    Hey guys I came across this funny site with these weird experiences and even more strange way of expressing it....... I was rolling on floor.... http://www.indianlisteroid.com/27,0,the-need.html
  2. S

    strange problem

    recently i upgraded my processor to e5400....my other specifications are 3gb ram, nvidia 7300gt, asus PS5D2-VM motherboard, iball 400W power supply....after upgrading i did a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate and am facing a ery strange problem...after starting my display becomes...
  3. joey_182

    HP Laptop doesnt sleep

    Hey I am facing strange problem with HP pavilion dv4(Win 7) The laptop does not sleep when i click on sleep button. it just come back to normal mode in fraction of second after screen goes out. but the strange thing is laptop does sleep , when it is not plugged in to charger. I did peek...
  4. jatt

    Strange offer

    delete this thread offer over
  5. V

    Strange Problem with HDD...Please Help Me

    I have a strange problem with my drive...whenever I try to install a software C: and D: drive are not shown as a location where we can install the software, both drives have 6GB free space. E: and F: drive are shown which have 1GB free space. Similar thing happens with WMP. I can't open C...
  6. V

    DVD keeps ejecting in and out

    Even with no CD/DVD in the drive, as soon as the computer boots up it ejects. And then when I push it back in, it stays for just a couple seconds and then out it comes again! This is very strange, so I hope someone can help me here... The DVD ROM model is TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552U if that tells...
  7. rahulbalmuri

    Transcend JFV30 Strange Problem???HElp

    guys i've Transcend Original JFV30 4GB pen drive....i am using it since last year....but a strange problem is observed now a days...when i insert the pen drive ...the system detects it...but when i open it...it displays...."Please Insert A disk into Drive X:".....please gimme a solun to this...
  8. Angad singh

    strange WiFi problem

    plzz anyone can help me out there is some problem with my wifi (internet) cannot open any web pages it gives an error tried 3 browsers (IE, firefox, google chrome,) same problem with oll..... but the strange thing is that bit commet is downloading .. even tried connecting my iphone to the WiFi...
  9. quan chi

    tomb raider underworld strange glitch.

    hi friends. well whenever i put anisotropic filtering in the underworld above bilinear a strange glitch occurs on some parts of the game. the first screenshot is bilinear and the second is trilinear. anyone facing the same glitches.
  10. A

    Booting problems!!Please help!!!

    INTEL C2D E7300 2.66 GHz MSI P7NGM DIGITAL Motherboard Palit Radeon HD 4870 SONIC 1GB Dual Edition (with dual bios) Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 HDD 320 GB Corsair 2X2 GB 800MHz RAM Cooler Master eXtreme Power 600W PSU with 70% efficiency Cooler Master CM 690 Cabinet Dell E1909 W 19" LCD...
  11. nitish_mythology

    Strange Internet Problem in Vector Linux!

    I have been facing a strange problem in Vector Linux... I can connect and surf net..but sometimes even after i connect(using pppoe-start), m not able to surf!! ifconfig shows all the three interfaces lo,eth0 and pppoe0 running! I reboot into windows and the net is working!!! Then if I...
  12. hskpunjabi

    power supply making strange noise..do i need to chane it

    hi friends, my power supply is making strange noise..somewhat like grinding n' system after booting,after xp logo ..i got only grayish screen ..same thing happens-2 again when i restarts. then i plugged out and plugged in power supply wires and then system gives msg; no ide drivers ? no raid...
  13. M

    Attention!! Is your Hard Drive Making Noises

    There are many possibilities when HD starts making noise. Some noises are momentary and some are continuous. These continuous Noises indicates possible HD Failure in future for Sure. If you are getting strange Noises, then test these Noises right here: You will also get the possible factors...
  14. U

    pc doesnt boots..

    hi everybody, I have a HCL system bought abt 2 years ago, 256 ram,80 gb cd-rw. From sometime now a strange problem has occured with my system. Actually whenever I start my PC, after few seconds a strange sound creeps in (I know there's nothing abt ram displacement) and then a continous...
  15. C

    Strange problem with MS Office 2007

    I've a strange problem with MS Ofice 2007. I can't type anything in MS Word, and all options are greyed out. This happens not only in Word, but also in other MS Office programs. Plz help....
  16. fordac

    strange problem in firefox

    I have this strange problem in firefox. That is when i try to import my bookmarks in firefox or when i try to attach a file through mail or when i try to save any download link through "Save link as" option, the window that is suppose to be displaying the Drive and folder content of...
  17. toofan

    Strange Problem At Startup?

    Hello guys:(, My pc was running peacefully on 3rd July evening. But When I started my PC this morning(5 th july). A strange thing happened. After pressing the start button on the CPU the green light turns on. And all the fans started running at full speed ( I guessed it by the sound it...
  18. toofan

    .txt files are not opening

    Hello guys, I have a strange problem since this morning I started my PC. When ever I tries to open a txt file. It gives a strange error. example: C: Document and Settings/vimal/Desktop/serial.txt Access is denied. I need help. Vimal Joshi Nainital
  19. saurabh.sauron

    Strange Problem in Audacity and XMMS

    I am using Ubuntu 7.04 and facing a strange problem in audacity and XMMS. I cant see the menu items properly. Audacity doesnt even work properly. I am posting the screenshots. pls help thnx
  20. Faun

    Strange names

    Here are some strange names that are funny and intriguing at times: Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 - A Swedish child name Bill Gates' Flower Fly - Named after uncle Billy Dick Assman - A Saskatchewan petrol station owner's name Anal Language - Sino-Tibetian Language family...
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