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  1. A

    Strange Problem

    Hi, My problem is a strange one.Whenever I try to play songs and video(songs) my monitor suddenly turns off and after 2 seconds it will be "on" and this process is repeated until the song ends.The one more strange is that when i try to play the movie, during the dialogues there wont be...
  2. C

    strange sound from pc

    i have a compaq pc with windows xp installed on it. lately a strange siren like sound has started coming from my pc. sometimes it keeps coming until i restart while sometimes it comes for a few seconds and stops. if i reduce the speaker volume to zero, it reduces but is audible but if i increase...
  3. A

    Strange PC woes

    hi well i face a strange kind of problem with my PC.... the configuration is AMD athlon 1800+ with 384mb RAM and a 128mb (XFX) GeforceFX 5200 graphics card on a Gigabyte motherboard(4x AGP) running windowsXP(sp2) media center edition.... the problem is that a lot of times my PC shuts down...
  4. Ricky

    Strange! very strange..!! Where is the Problem ?

    Hi guys n gls (if ther r ne) ! Well uptilll now most of u must be knowing that I am using HUTCH EDGE for internet. For those who don't know what is EDGE here :: it is Extended Data rates for GSM Evolution .. means .. just new faster way to transfer data over GSM network.. IN SIMPLE...
  5. mohit

    Strange XP Problem

    hey people.. off late i am facing this strange problem with xp professional . My computer restarts automatically in the middle of anything and then when i log in to windows again , my quick launch bar is not present and i have to turn it on again. this is happened quite a few times. i have...
  6. R


    I frequently download large files (>50 mb) from the net but recently I am faced with a strange problem. I stack up my downloads in the day (download <10 mb) and stop them so that I can resume them in the night. But recently, the downloads start all over again and don't resume from the point...
  7. V

    Strange Problems

    I had written Multi Session Cd`s and had checked them and they were working. I had to format and reinstall Windows. Now when I try to open those CD`s it shows me only the data that was written in the first session. I know the Cd`s are working as I have checked them on my friends computer. I...
  8. D

    One strange problem

    Hi there, I m facing one very strange prob(Strange coz never seen that before) I m having one DVD ROM, and one CDRW drive both of sumsung., now i don't get them on DOS when booting from any bootable. It says No driver found in the time of installing CDROM, and in last it says No genric...
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