1. Zangetsu

    Life Is Strange

    Life Is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure video game developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Square Enix. The game's plot focuses on Maxine Caulfield, a photography student who discovers that she has the ability to rewind time at any moment, leading her every choice to enact...
  2. S

    Strange lens artifact ?

    I was doing some batch post-processing and I noticed something, really...really strange. As you can see in the image below, there is a circular ring like thing, most probably chromatic error ? I mean, some part of mountain is clearly emphasized and is greener. While this can be some mistake on...
  3. sling-shot

    Strange icon in Notification bar 2

    Any idea what is this for?
  4. Bhav

    Need help for finding problem

    one of friend having asus x53u laptop there is a strange problem it's only powering up on ac power only
  5. quicky008

    Facing very strange issue with bsnl broadband-please help

    i am facing a very strange issue with my dataone connection for the last few days. Even though i can log in successfully,my internet connection still doesn't work ie i cannot access any websites and the networking icon on the task bar shows a yellow exclamation mark(this never happened...
  6. M

    Strange & Confusing: pc reboot after few minutes of power on. Need Help !!!

    Hi guys, I have an i7 920 on dfi ut x58T3eH8 mobo, merely running on 2 gb of transcend ram n ati hd 4850 being powered by 650 watt psu by coolermaster and I am in strange situation, my pc unexpectedly reboots everytime after i login for 15-20 minutes. First, i thought it might be...
  7. cutemug

    Post the weirdest dream that you had

    Hey all, I am sure everyone must have had some weird/funny dreams that when we wake up and ponder upon seems really strange and we start to wonder where did that come from, share your weirdest dream if you wish to.. :-)
  8. Ronnie11

    Altec Lansing MX5021 right Speaker pls

    Hey guys,i have been owning altec lansing speakers for the past 5 or so years...but just today,something strange happened...,my right speaker is giving me very low output or very low volume compared to my left speaker...i inspected for loose wires or so..but didn't find anything..i also...
  9. root.king

    strange pc problem

    Guys, 15days back i got blue screen error then i format the c: with 'hiren bcd' and reinstalled win 7. Yesterday when i was playing crysis2 pc stucked with a strange blurr screen and then i press the 'restart' button, now pc wont starting, but all fans are running, i can hear hdd sound and...
  10. abhishek00990

    Please Help! I really need it!

    Guys, it's urgent. I booted up my pc running windows 7 ultimate this morning, and found that out of the four partitions there, the last partition-Partition F turned up completely blank- 117 GB free of 117 GB!:-o It was strange, last night there were hardly 30 GBs left. Only I know the password...
  11. arsenalfan001

    FIFA 11 with Gameranger

    Hi DIgitians, is anyone available to play FIFA11 using Gameranger? If yes, please share ids/emails so we can play together. no one? come on guys... none of you are into fifa and gameranger? strange :(
  12. T

    Strange pc problem

    Hello all! Am suffering from a few strange problems with my pc. 1. During startup I dont see any display sometimes. At other times I see different dull colours for few seconds. Again sometimes I see the display area changing sizes with those dull colours. I keep restarting the pc and if I am...
  13. B

    Strange color patches on HTC Wildfire S

    I have noticed recently that my wildfire S have developed some strange yellow color patches in the back battery cover.Check the images.I tried cleaning it but it does not go off.I searched over google and found this.I use a black colored soft cloth pouch change in colour on the back cover of...
  14. gameranand

    Overheating + A strange problem with CPU

    Guys I am having a strange problem. First of all my CPU temperatures are too high. CPU Die Temp - 88+ C Also my CPU Intel E4400 2.0GHz and its processing at 1.20GHz. And there are no option in my BIOS to correct that. My Mobo is Intel DG965RY My OS use to give 4.5-5.0 rating to my CPU...
  15. sygeek

    Scientists discover SpongeBob

    New Species Named For SpongeBob SquarePants Did you know (prior to clicking on the Wikipedia link above) that SpongeBob was created by a marine biologist?
  16. R

    Strange diff usernames in my system!

    My system showing two strange usernames!bjackson and recently richiert!wat to do?except me no 1 siys in my system at home!
  17. N

    strange plug of corsair vx550

    today m assembling my pc n got corsair vx550 from primeABGB this has strange psu cord which won't fit in Indian sockets what to do now?
  18. A

    Advice/Help :PC troubleshooting

    HI guys, My PC is acting strange from last 3 days.I tried to clean my memory and memory slot and many known alternative way but still in vain.Last night i noticed something and i have doubt about my Mother board.Hence want your support and thought on this. PC info is as follows- Model...
  19. quicky008

    The mystery of the missing connector pin!

    I have a spare intex 450 Watt PSU lying around at my house.Its almost new and I had used it with my PC for about 2 months.Today,as i was examining it closely,i noticed something rather strange about one of its power connectors.I saw that one of the wires was missing from the connector which goes...
  20. S

    Strange problem !!!

    Hi everybody !! Have got stuck in a strange situation. one of my friends PC starts automatically as soon as the power is put on and goes off automatically after 15-20 seconds. and then it never gets on. Have tried changing the RAM, SMPS, CMOS battery, without connecting the HDD and DVD RW...
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