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Strange but true

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Right off the assembly line
Guys i have a strange problem,
I upgraded to 3.0 ghz p4
Its temperature is well under control
Also i upgraded the ram to 400mhz which i later replaced

The problem is that the programs freeze, i mean not in the normal kind of way ,
Its only a certain but majority of Win Gui applications which freeze including Firefox, Ms word, *Adobe Photosop, Corel Draw and Internet explorer,

And yes im able to change the tracks in winamp when either of these programs freeze
the startmenu also works like a dream
and i never had a freeze with Opera and
most importanly the Games NEVER freeze

Right now im running a clean install of xp with no drivers installed and only these software loaded, what do you think
could be the mystery solution to this problem


Right off the assembly line
Im a programmer who develops finished applications myself.
I use prtd Vc++ to create apps, even though i would like to buy it,
I see no business or logical sense in making Sir Bill Gates richer by 400$ and myself poorer by 20000 Rs

Can you tell me how the world will be a better place if i buy
say a Visual Studio .net

PS..Funny how i see the "$" key on the keyboard and there's no "Rs" written on it anywhere


Commander in Chief
.NET is easy to create apps with if u know it fully !

It has a lot of tools !
(bout rs, well, buy an INDIAN KB)
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