Very Very Strange Problem.........

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i m using windowsxp n having 2 net connection:
1. Sify Cable net (Works Very Well)
2. Mtnl-Dialup (used only when Sify Net is off)

but i have one strange experience............
normally i use sify cable net throughout
but while browsing through sify net i have one problem
there is one page of yahoo : *
which some time i can browse it through sify very well
but some time it doesnt display anything so i thought sometime it was offline for some reason but later when i connected throught mtnl same time i can browse the same page........its strange i really confused where n what's wrong
can anybody help me to solve this problem

thanks in advance


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i think if u re using firefox then its firefox problem.. i has the same problem with orkut signin page manytimes.. it happens that firefox sometimes fails but IE works.. i too have sify! just check and see!
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