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Can't set homepage as blank...

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One of my friend has IE6 installed...he is facing a strange prob from a few days...He is not able to set the homepage to "about:blank" or anything else as the "Use Current", "Use Default" & "Use Blank" buttons are disabled and the homepage has been set to a strange site...

I asked him to reinstall IE6 but the problem persists....wat can be done to resolve this?


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Scan for a virus, spyware or adware with latest update.

Recommended Full System Scan with Avast! 4.7 Home for virus and trojans


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first run adaware and spybot (or any 2 good anti-spys) in SAFE MODE.
then use 'ccleaner' to clear up residual pc junk.
now follow this :

Home Page Change :
If the feature is disabled (greyed out), go to Doug Knox's site and download this script this dougknox script and save this file to your hard drive. Navigate 2 where u saved it n double click d file. d VB Script file will check 4 d appropriate value & if not found will create it. u will be notified whether d option is enabled or disabled.

2 manually make d change:
open Regedit and go to and change to
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] "about:blank"

Home Page Hijacked :
If the Tabs have been removed from Internet Explorer/Tools/Internet Options and/or u receive a restriction warning message, run
Restore All Tabs under Internet Options (kellyskorner tweak no 268 ) It will restore all tabs and lift the restriction.

after u have set to 'about:blank' using above or internet options now, lock it !
download this kellyskorner registry tweak and doubleclick/add 2 registry.

also c my thread How To Lock Your HomePage for more !


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use ad-aware, spybot search & destroy, ccleaner, windows defender and avast always. These softwares will keep ur PC safe from such malwares. Btw just use Ad-Aware and spybot this time to remove this malware
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