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It will be the second time i'm posting about this problem not that nobody helped me they did and i thought it was okay but please guys help me out again this problem is showing up again. Please see the image below:-

And the earlier post i made was of this:-

Does anyone know what this is and where it originates from? For there is no change in the function of my computer or nothing sort of disturbing happening but this msg pops up like whenever and each time the cookie number comes up differently. It mostly comes during start up but strange thing that sometime it doesn't even show and it also likely comes up while i'm surfing. I've run virus scan, spyware scan and also downloaded CCcleaner and ran it but it still exist! I have avast home edition, spyware doctor, spybot search and destroy and trend micro office scan.Please help!


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try disabling cookies for all browsers ... delete all present cookies and see for a few days


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pls post ur earlier link so that we can c what suggestion made, failed to help u...and v need not repeat them again.

i think i had mentioned "damage cleanup engine" is a trendmicro process. maybe it keeps finding such tracking cookies on ur pc. u can ignore such cookie warnings. al lot is made of cookies being spyware...they r really not that serious. cleanup weekly with ur ccleaner.


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Hmmm maybe your right anand. I didn't check back the old topic that can be found here http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41671
after saying thank you so i didn't see your answer that it maybe a trendmicro process. Guess that maybe the answer??? Of course i do not know much about anti virus software and how they work but ya i think i should agree with you! If it was a virus indeed might have ransacked my pc by now! Anyway thanks hope your right! Though i would like to know if there's trendmicro user here? If yes do you come across this msg?
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