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  • I really used to think that Xfce, with its easy to use environment and light weight, was much more stable and bug free than the huge gnome and KDE. I guess I need to wait for Xfce 4.5 then.

    BTW, have you tried using Emerald Window Manager of Compiz Fusion combined with PyPannel ? I am thinking of trying it once and see how my old boy handles it.
    yup thats exactly the problem. everything goes on file but for the pannels, which have an odd sense of organisation. Widgets don't stay put in a particular area of the pannel, they try to move to the rightmost area possible. But on pannel #1, this does not happen. I don't know whats wrong with Xfce Pannels.
    Well, for some reason xfce keeps pwning me. I am just not able to handle it, despite the fact that I am very comfortable with LXDE, IceWM, Fluxbox, Openbox, Gnome, KDE, etc right from the moment I started using them.

    I am intrested in Dream Linux though. How is it ? Is it simple ? And what branch of debian is it based on ?
    i hav appeared 4 manipal this yr n got a 2268rank.can u tell me if i can get computer science there?n also what kind of a paycheque i can expect after graduating 4rm there?
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