1. Ethan_Hunt

    The Official 'James Bond: Blood Stone' Thread! [PS3] [X360] [PC]

    Official Web Page: 007 Blood Stone - Official Game Site Developer: Bizarre Creations (PS3 & 360); High Moon Studios (PC) Publisher: Activision Genre: Action/TPS Release date: November 2, 2010 [NA]; November 5, 2010 [EU] Game Description: Game Features: Screenshots:
  2. H

    Need a Mp3 player with a budget of 2500

    I have these models in mind.Sound quality is important to me Samsung YP-U5 shuffle Creative stone
  3. gurujee

    creative zen stone plus OR creative muvo

    Hello all i want to buy a mp3 player within budget of 3k. Quality is priority. Selected creative zen stone plus and creative Muvo. Which will be best VFM for me ? creative zen stone plus 2gb is 2.2k creative zen stone plus 4gb ???? creative muvo 2gb 2k creative muvo...
  4. M

    FS:Creative Zen stone Plus wid Fm,Stop Watch nd Voice Recording

    Hi, I'm selling my Creative Zen Stone Plus 2gb with FM,Stop watch and Voice recording Bought this last week,I have the bill,box and all the accessories. It is perfectly working,no scratches nothing. I had bought this as a gift to ma sister,but she said she wud rather prefer a video player...
  5. ajayritik

    Best MP3 player for under Rs 4k

    I'm planning to get a good MP3 player for my friend from US. We are looking for a budget not more than Rs 4k ($90). What are the options I have? I know about iPod Shuffle and Creative stone but what would be the best for this price?
  6. M

    Iphone VS Stone

    Guys i received this in mail so thought of sharing..
  7. desiibond

    iPhone ( 2008 -) vs Stone ( 40,000 BC )

    No offense meant. But it was so hilarious that I couldn't stop post this pic
  8. A

    Creative Zen Stone Plus

    Does anybody knows the current price of Creative Zen Stone Plus? also want buy ep603 i m from mumbai tell me good store where i buy both at low price
  9. A

    Creative introduces the ZEN Krystal mp3 player-ZEN stone plus replacement?

    Creative will be releasing a new player called the Zen Krystal. As you may have guessed from looking at it, it is the follow-up to the Zen Stone series. The Krystal sets itself apart from its predecessors with the addition of a pedometer. According to Creative the pedometer "can track the...
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Creative Zen Stone

    Does anybody knows the current price of Creative Zen Stone, NOT Plus? Are the prices sane all over India or vary? I'll be highly obliged for the Delhi prices. :smile:
  11. Gigacore

    Creative Zen Stone Plus and Zen Stone with Speakers launched

    Zen Stone and Zen Stone Plus are now equipped with built-in speakers. These players with built-in speakers will now be available in the UK market from March 1. Creative had announced to add the new feature at CES 2008 but had not started shipping until now. With the addition of the speakers...
  12. soumya

    Windows Vista SP1 won't hit till Mid-March

    Contrary to rumors going around the web regarding an alleged screencap of an internal Sharepoint site listing the Vista SP1 release date, it's going to be a while before the masses see SP1. Biplab Paul a Technical Consultant at Microsoft has made a post on his blog detailing the roll out of SP1...
  13. Renny

    Strategy game needed.

    Guys I want you to suggest an excellent RTS game that meets these requirements:- 1. It should have a lot of depth and should be time consuming and "complex". 2. It MUST have all modern as well as ancient warfare(progressing through the ages like stone age to modern age etc.) 4. Preferably...
  14. abhi.eternal

    How to install W375?

    How to connect W375 to PC (Win 2K) as there are no drivers available? I couldn't find it through online search also! P.S. I am using the data cable that comes with Creative Zen Stone (oh yes.. to those who remember, i gifted one to my friend and got me one too... it's cool!). The USB fits...
  15. abhi.eternal

    How does Creative Zen Stone 1 GB fare as a gift?

    i am think of gifting a Creative Zen Stone 1 GB to my brother for his b'day. esp. after seeing its price here (iPod shuffle is a bit costly, and this looks better also). can anyone tell me if the player can be used as an alternative storage device as well and how is the sound quality and blah...

    Bored To Death

    Top 9 Physical Transformations For Film 9. Sylvester Stallone - Cop Land stallone Stallone shocked everyone by actually attempting to act in cop land, and while that may have failed he did manage to do one impressive thing - lose some muscle and gain some fat. He had to put on 40lbs/2.8...
  17. utsav

    Creative Zen Stone MP3 player problm

    my friend has a 1GB Creative zen stone mp3 player and suddenly it stopped working.i checked it on my pc and found it is getting detected by the pc but i am unable to access the removable is also not getting me what to do. koi help toh karo yaar
  18. Gigacore

    Yahoo's secret space

    INTERNET giant Yahoo is secretly developing a social networking service to rival Facebook and MySpace. A Yahoo employee let the cat out of the bag by mistakenly emailing a New York Times reporter inviting him to join the unannounced service called Yahoo Mash. Journalist Brad Stone said on...
  19. Gigacore

    Creative Zen Stone Plus in India

    reative has reportedly introduced the Zen Stone Plus MP3 player in India. Among other things, the Zen Stone Plus features a blue OLED screen to help users personalize and interact with- their players, plus a stopwatch function to help them time their workout sessions. The Plus is...
  20. A

    Creative Introduces the ZEN Stone - Tiny 1GB MP3 Player @ USD40

    Yes. Engadget story with images: * We know that it's a bit tired to compare every single new DAP that hits the market to one of Apple's babies, but one look at the screenless, postage-stamp-sized Zen Stone is all it...
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