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Heya! Howz u?hope u r f9. n kp smilin, tc.

How often do you find people exchanging pleasantries in this manner?

whether it's all right to converse in the so-called "SMS lingo" ..??

Wats ur take...??


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Hate that talk to the core.I was once a victim of it but then soon recovered to normal mode of conversations.Over the internet it becomes very difficult sometimes to get them.On the mobile phone I can still adjust a bit.It's best to type it out normally.;)


i believe T9 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Frankly speaking I detest people that can't be bothered to type out actual words. and despise people that use words like pl0x and LOL in real life.
Just my take


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I hate people who type like:

hey cn we pla cs nw.. rep fast im host

Those who cant even say "please" are not worth helping.


I personally avoid using abbreviations where-ever possible. The only place I consider it okay to use them is where they actually add to the overall theme of something I'm saying.

When it comes to mobiles, the only time I switch off T9 is when.. well... er.. ummm..


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The problem with typing an SMS is that you can type as fast as you can type on a keyboard. When I want to type an urgent message, I shall not bother about full forms or abbreviations.


Typing with "full forms" takes less time than using SMS Lingo, provided you know how to use T9 efficiently.

P.S. Abbreviations = short forms.


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Very true....... using dictionary service we can actually type much faster than those people who type this kind of lingo


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sometimes i think 'ppl' do it due to time constraints or the length of characters allowed per message... or may be because they are habituated!!... anyways.. i hate messaging and my call rates are cheaper than SMS rates!!


i don't follow that sms lingo
if some one messages that way... just try to read it that's all

all phones now have advanced T9...


Whats even worse than messaging, is when people use numbers and text to speak in MMORPG's. I can count on one hand the number of times I "healed" someone who typed pl0x instead of "please"


I never use SMS lingo for typing out words, be it in my mobile or PC.. GEnerally, it irritates me when people use this format, especially online - more so because sometimes I just don't understand some words.


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some guy once asked me are u ol? and i replied no and he said you are ol if u replied, i was like WTF! i asked him what is ol he said online :lol:


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SMS lingo is absolutely mandatory for SMS because of the space constraints, especially when someone sends SMS from the internet to mobile


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Except when space constraint is on my mind, I avoid the lingos.....if you know how to use T9 efficiently then typing sms will take much less time and effort than usual
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