1. Sykora

    Student arrested for "suspected terrorist activity".

    |SOURCE| How many people who can design an fps map on their school, and have the guts to carry out a terrorist operation as such, would do it...with a hammer?
  2. GeekyBoy

    Birla High School Kolkata

    Anybody here from Birla High School, Kolkata? Please mention your class and section and your details
  3. max_demon

    Government is about to introduce Sex education in Indian school!, what is your view?

    Not every one is happy with the government stand to introduce sex eduction in school Source now :D;) what teachers will do will they show movies;) will they teach us Hot coffee (jokin)
  4. techtronic

    Teen receives $100,000 science scholarship from Intel

    A 17-year-old girl won a scholarship worth $100,000 for building an inexpensive yet accurate spectrograph that identifies the "fingerprints" of different molecules. Mary Masterman, a senior at Westmoore High School in Oklahoma City, was named the winner Tuesday of the annual Intel Science...
  5. M

    French Kids get Open Source Software on USB drives

    Read more here *
  6. Pravas

    Animation School?

    Hi everybody can anyone tell me where's the best animation school in India. I am interested in 2D and 3D Animation and also for special effects in movies.:!:
  7. deepak.krishnan

    Regarding Oracle databases

    Hi friends Is there any way to transport a oracle database that I made at home for my project, to the school computer???
  8. koolbluez

    Where is Museum Road, Bangalore?

    Maybe Wrong place... but friend's r there to help... right... any Bangloreans? I'm new to B'lore... Someone help me locate St.Joseph's Boys High School, No.27, Museum Road @ Bangalore-25... Some prominent location there... heard its near Richmond town, Sacred Heart's Girls High School ... now...
  9. Simple_Graduate

    Sexual harassment at elite school

    * In a shocking revelation, a girl student of Dehradun's Shigally Hill International Academy school today alleged that sexual harassment was going on in the school and that too with the due sanction of the authorities. One of the students of the...
  10. V

    fly by fly fly high

    can i get some tainers or cheat or by editing file for and beco,z i cannot compleat my flying school in gta sanandreas help guyz iam stuck! :arrow: :arrow:
  11. desertwind

    [Wanted] Basic Compiler for gnu/Linux

    Is there any compiler/ide for "Basic" available for gnu/linux. My little sis has some "Basic" on her School (Wondering why they are still teaching this kinda stuff now!!!).
  12. J

    Stuck in GTA San Andreas

    I am stuck on the flight school missions in GTA San Andreas :( I tried them a lot but find these missions very tough. I managed to pass 2 out of 10 flight school missions. Could anyone help me pass just the flight school missions? You can find my GTA San Andreas User Files at...
  13. S

    I Wanna SLAMDUNK!!!

    I have recently installed NBA Live 2005 on my PC....i was tempted by the SLAMDUNK section of the game and straightaway went to the SlamDunk School.....however when I played the actual SlamDunk contest I saw the CPU players pull off some amazing moves....I went to the SlamDunk School again to...
  14. Sourabh

    Microsoft Student 2006

    Microsoft Student 2006 Homework can be stressful, and not just for students. By the time their children reach middle and high school and are struggling with calculus and complex research papers, most parents have been out of school for many years and are not well equipped to provide...
  15. T

    Suggest a NAME

    Well guys Its a tough time for me as I am to fix a NAME. There is a saying that goes : " What's in a NAME" ? And yes there is everything in a GOOD NAME, So, please suggest me a very MODERN and GOOD NAME for my new Venture. Actually, We are going to start a SCHOOL (CBSE Board), Which...
  16. sms_solver

    Can it be done in PhotoshopCS or CorelDraw

    I have to make few hundred ID cards of students, the ID card has basically two type of data or image i) One static (like name of school, school logo etc.) ii) Another dynamic (like photo of each individual student, their data (name, class, section)) suppose I have all photos of students...
  17. N

    Softwares for creating Maths Lab

    My mother is a teacher in a school. Now School wants to implement a maths lab. I need to know what softwares or games can be used to teach maths at a school for class XI-XII. Please post the name of such softwares and their sources.
  18. V

    Suggest a 3D Animation School

    Hi Every1 :!: Can anyone please suggest a good 3D Animation school in India? After completing my degree,I had done a 3 months course in 3d max. But it had given me only the basics. I want to do a professional course in 3D. Which one is the best in the country :?: Thanx :)
  19. B


    hey ppl. i'm a class x student of a reputed school. i wanna pursue a career in biotech. can u tell me bout its prospects...and since our school does not offer biotech as a subject wat should i do
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