1. din

    Calling fanboys, seniors and all members here

    [Update - Sep 24 2009] Went to School yesterday, small presentation plus intro session. Was nice and students are really interested. Will be starting the regular class from next week - hopefully. More details on Page 6 [/Update] I was thinking about this for a long time. Now I think its...
  2. NucleusKore

    Fury at school 'mock hanging'

    Source: * The Australian authorities have ordered an inquiry after a boy fell with a rope around his neck during a mock hanging staged as part of a school activity. The student was being photographed as part of a staged crime scene at...
  3. jxcess3891

    Post a picture of your school

    Here is the link as the pic is too large to display: *
  4. R

    Java, C, C++ or what???

    I'm a 10th grade student and i love programming. I have already learnt VB 6.0 and would like to extend my knowledge in the fied of programming. So can anyone please suggest what language do i begin with. As of what i've heard, i'm gonne be taught C++ at school thi yr or the next one but having...
  5. Bookworm

    Express your memorable experiences in School life!!!

    School days are days which we cannot forget in our life. They are the periods in our life which we cannot get anymore even if we want. Therefore I have started this thread to let you express your memorable experiences in school days. Let me tell you one.. An experience which I can never forget...
  6. Psychosocial

    My first live show!

    Well I know this is a useless thread but cant control the excitement. Today it was confirmed. 10 out 21 students who are learning guitar at our school are chosen to play at our school's choir night! And I am one of them. We gotta play for around 30 mins. with 4 songs on the setlist (There is an...
  7. NucleusKore

    Were you EVER so determined to go to school?

    Source: * The parents of a six-year-old boy in the US have been charged with neglect after the boy drove their car for 10km in an attempt to get to school on time. Police in Virginia said the boy, who was not named, took the keys to the car...
  8. T

    School Uniform

    Can anyone suggest what colour of uniform should be prescribed by a school for both boys and girls in india. IF Red Checked Skirt for girls THEN Will BLACK full pant for boys work ? Please suggest
  9. GeekyBoy

    Tell us about your school crushes...

    Hey....I think its not appropriate to post this in a tech forum such as this....but see...its human nature to get attracted to the opposite sex(& in rare cases, the same sex). Many of us must have had crushes on teachers in high school or in middle school(even I have one:D) peel off that...
  10. tuxybuzz

    The Dps Vk Thread

    hey..inviting all dps vasant kunj students to discuss things about our school here..
  11. The Conqueror

    Powerful earthquakes strike Asia

    Two powerful earthquakes have struck the north-eastern Indonesian Moluccas islands and Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, triggering tsunami alerts. The first, which had a magnitude of 6.6, occurred at 0902 (0002 GMT) about 120km (75 miles) north of the city of Ternate, the US Geological...
  12. pritish_kul2

    Selected for making html site

    Guys,hv been selected for upgrading my school site ,so if any guys knw html could they plzz help me i m a beginner in html,they still selected me......i'll posting wht'll the school need in the website shorty.......and i don't want any of the google searches plzzz as i...
  13. D

    Harry Potter Drama Help

    Hi friends, We are doing a harry potter - Order of pheonix drama in our school on the eve of annual day. We have projector in school and want to use it to give background and all. I have got it working by embedding videos in flash (Flash CS3) and now want to create the wand effect ie...
  14. ajaybc

    The biggest porno DISASTER in my life!!!!!!!! :(

    I had a few porno in my computer which I had hidden inside lots of folders.I went to my grandmothers house two days back and came back only today morning.My sister who is 14 years old opened my computer yesterday.After a format and fresh install of Vista I had forgotten to install her favourite...
  15. CadCrazy

    Private St. Louis school goes Linux

    A private school in St. Louis, Mo. is increasingly choosing Linux for the computers it supplies to students and faculty, according to laptop supplier Lenovo. Students at the Whitfield School are using Linux about 86 percent of the time now, Lenovo says, up from 50 percent three years ago...
  16. S

    High school student faces 38 years in prison for hacking grades

    Source Dunno why he didn't think of the consequences before committing the crimes. 38 Years has ruined half his life.
  17. himtuna

    Domain Case

    Hi Eeryone I am fed up with my school's website. They are stuck with a pathetic webhost. He has forwarded our school domain to a crap site. And is not listing. It has been over a year . Now I am taking the responsiblity to manage the site and the first thing that I want to do is CHANGE THE...
  18. din

    CD / DVDs / Huge softwares for school - Please suggest

    I put a suggestion in my school's Orkut community that, we (Alumni) will help the school making a Disk library. That is collection of DVD / CDs (of course all legal and suitable for age 12 - 15). Basically, the school is having about 20 -25 PCs now I think, but they do not have internet...
  19. din

    Please suggest - Opensource / Free / Non-MS file sharing site

    OK, this may sound strange, anyway here is the requirement. The school in which I studied, the students are making a website (that of school). I went there once and gave them instructions, also asked them to develop fully in an Open source environment. Actually it was not a way of forcing, as...
  20. pritish_kul2

    Football coach

    Hey guys, Now lemme tell u tht we're making a football team of our own even though the princi doesn't agree. We've gt everything but nt a coach AND N O SPONSOR.....THE SPONSOR WE'LL MAKE THE SCHOOL AFTA 1 - 2 MATCHES . NOW ANYBODY KNWS A COACH AND WE'RE READY TO PAY HIM
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