1. Apollo

    We don't need no... homework! YAY!!

    Remember all the time you spent doing homework cooped up inside your house, trying to pay attention to what's inside your textbook while all your friends were busy playing cricket or football downstairs and creating an unusually loud ruckus? Distracting you to the maximum? Turns out, homework's...
  2. T

    high range wifi ap

    I need to setup a wifi range signal for atleast 2 acres open area here at a school.. the school had a bsnl broadband connection.. wifi signal should be in school ground .and 30-40 users will connect to it.. Can i use the outdoor aps cpes sold by tp link .. Tell me the steps.
  3. reddick

    Boarding School in North India

    Hi Guys , I want to know about reputated boarding school for my son for next year. He will be 4 yrs. by then. Please suggest preferly in North India region and also mention it's annual fee. And Is there any other online forum to discuss these issues? If yes, do post their links here...
  4. Flash

    Pakistan: TTP militants storm Peshawar school, 131 killed

    Source:TTP militants storm Peshawar school, 131 killed Where's the terrorism heading?
  5. M

    Dummy account on Facebook-Someone trying for threatening...

    I thought to share this incident with DTians colleagues with hoping to get some help. Someone has opened dummy/fake account on Facebook with using my daughter name. Fake account name is same as my daughter account name. Fake A/c holder connected with friends of my daughter & keeps inviting...
  6. seamon

    play for high school drama.

    Suggest a humorous play for high school. Time limit: 20 mins. One act plays preferred. Does anyone know any big bang theory episode worthy of using as a high school drama.
  7. Nerevarine

    Share your adventures from your school Life

    Topic self explanatory, Ill start This is pretty funny so here goes, mods pls report if innappropriate When I was in 12th, some of the back benchers (no I wasnt one) had started watching Pron in class.. One of them was watching pron in our English period.. He was so aroused that his duck...
  8. S

    My child with ADHD and Aspergers

    My son has ADHD with Aspergers...planning to admit him in North Point Day school Dumdum...does the school have special educators to help him ...anyone has any knowledge..any other suggestion.
  9. S

    My child with ADHD and Aspergers

    My son has ADHD with Aspergers...planning to admit him in North Point Day school Dumdum...does the school have special educators to help him ...anyone has any knowledge..any other suggestion.
  10. Subhankar Mondal

    How to build/creat a website?

    Please help me to make a website for my school. I am a teacher in a high school. I want to make a website for my school . details help I need from u all.
  11. Bhargav

    The Tragic Case Of Justin Carter,League of Legends player faces 8 years in jail for Facebook comment

    So,a 18-year-old teen Justin Carter was taken into custody in February after an argument he had on the social network regarding the online video game League of Legends which made him terroristic threat :shock: Full Story
  12. gameranand

    School management System C++ Source Code

    Guys I am in a trouble here. I have to submit a project on School management System for my mini project by 13th April 2013 and I am not getting much time for it. So if anyone could please give me the source code for this would be really helpful. Requirement: Should Run on Code::Blocks...
  13. H

    Motorcycle Driving School in Delhi?

    Hey guys is there any motorcycle driving school in delhi? I wanted to learn bike. Thanks in advance.
  14. S

    Is it worth doing MCA through Distance education ?

    Hi, I got a offer job from a school for managing their examination cell, substitute computer teacher and to manage their website. It is a reputed school in my area. They are promising me an decent salary with increment. Currently, i m in sixth semester of regular bca course which will...
  15. V

    Help me build a config for a school

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Looking to build a config for a school. The school is...
  16. G

    Gunman Massacres 20 Children at School in Connecticut

  17. P

    Best Schools in Navi Mumbai

    I am new in navi child is small and i want to him to get admitted in the best school in Navi Mumbai only.There may be some schools of international level for primary and secondary education.I want a school that should have some extra curricular activities like athletics, music...
  18. M

    About DumDum North Point Day School, Kolkata

    Hi, I am about to admit my adhd son to this CBSE school in DumDum, Kolkata. This school incorporates both normal and students with adhd, delayed speech,etc.They are claiming they are the only school in india to do this. Can anyone give any opinion on this school ?
  19. aaruni

    Anti-Smart Class

    OK guys, here is the situation. Our school has implemented a very seriously crappy smart class. And because some people from the smart class company remain in the school to help out with the computers, the teachers do not do ANYTHING on their own. Also, the course material they provide is...
  20. Reaper_vivek

    VGHS(Video Game High School) Web Series

    :-D:-DThe new web series from Freddie Wong(he has a series of awesome short movies on video games) Video Game High School Video Game High School (VGHS) - Ep. 1 - YouTube It's Freaking awesome.. I can't seem to work with the youtube tag His youtube channel : freddiew - YouTube
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