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  • I am sorry, I could not reply immediately after talking to you on the IRC room as there was a powercut at home, so I could not login to check the message.

    Tahn you once again for not pursuing this matter and I can assure you that such a dirty deed will not be repeated. I will also thank JoeQuarantine on IRC for convincing you to do so.
    Thank You :)
    I had gone to the IRC room and tried to message you there, but JoeQuarantine said that you are not present right now.

    I found that you have removed the draft from the link you had put in that BSNL thread. you have lso not written the same on your blog as you had mentioned there. Does that mean that you are not pursuing thisissue any further? Are you not reporting the matter to BSNL?

    If so, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not doing so. You have saved my parents from a lot of pain and anguish it would have caused them had criminal action been taken against me. for this I would be eternally grateful to you.

    Had I been in your position, I probably would not even have thought of showing such consideraion and magnanimity.
    Thank You once again for not pressing on with the matter.

    I aplogise for the hurt that I have caused you and the members of your family. Under no circumstances should I have reacted the way I did and am resigned to face the consequences. I have apologised publically on the forum. Thi is to let you know personally. I live in Pune.
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