1. skghosh44

    Children's Fun web sites

    A few days back I found two websites for school going children. I found both the web sites is full of fun as well as some excitment to get something. Both are from India's well known company's. 1) TINKLE 2) CANDYMAN. I think the members of this forum who are school going will like the web sites...
  2. C

    Blessed Laptop??

    This is strange.. I got no idea how this is happening... I stay in hostel and there the net goes dead at 10pm. The net works but none of the sites open. They are blocked thru surfcontrol so we get that "Blocked by surfcontrol" msg after 10pm. Since like last week the net is working fine in my...
  3. Gigacore

    All School Kids Here!

    Naa... i'm not a school kid. But I'm interested to know about how many school going students (kids) are members in digit forum. :D I will be really happy to see kids, oops school students to see in this thread. This is kinda survey. Coz I didn't know that there exists something called...
  4. nileshgr

    School Guys come here

    Ok guys i think we have many school guys in 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th roaming around here. Lets all become friends!!! EDIT Please mention your class & school I am in 10th now.
  5. D

    Gift for School

    I am studying 10th this year and we want to give a gift to our school which has a library, science and computer labs, garden, pond, huge playground. Anything which would be a best gift which costs around or less than 5000
  6. C

    Article to newspapers

    School goings nuts..Fraudstsers..stupid rules.. lies and stuff..:mad: Need to send an article to newspaper warning ppl abt my school. Where to mail??
  7. H

    Russia installs Linux in every school!

    Yeah way to go Russia/Linux :) READ MORE [.....old news but you should know..]
  8. phreak0ut

    Class 8 student shot dead by fellow classmates

    SOURCE What is becoming of our nation? Seems students are closely following the trend of the West :(
  9. *GandaBerunda*

    how do i avoid getting my website hacked?

    i have to make a new website not using php or any other server side languages for my school. Can anyone tell me some tips how to aviod any security loopholes in it? it will have to be like this website : as my school has told us to model the design on that style. (it is the...
  10. CadCrazy

    RCom Brings $100 Laptop to India

    The Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) has collaborated with One Laptop per Child (OLPC) foundation to bring the latter's much-hyped $100 laptop to India to promote e-learning among poor children. Under this initiative, Reliance Communications (RCom) will provide Internet...
  11. din

    Please suggest a Lin friendly PC config + 3 Distros (multi boot) for School Students

    Well, this may be lil strange topic, but I need your help ! For the people who read only the start and end words in a post - Suggest an economic Lin friendly PC config + 3 Distros (multi boot) for noobs. Details .. Warning - Please keep a cup of coffee near you. Very long post :) I am...
  12. ilugd

    A friend's orkut profile

    Just read one of my friend's orkut profile in the about me section. Really humorous Definitely a sexy guy
  13. Gigacore

    Tech Genius Busted!!!

    18-year-old 'tech genius' accused of changing grades in school computers Hey Tech Genius.... !! :D :D Source :D
  14. rohan

    Need some help for chem project

    Well.. i know this is a tech board.. but the desc for this forum said 'Anything that doesn't fit into other sections...' so i'm asking for ur help.. It's time for the high school chem project. so.. i'm asking you for an idea for a high school chem project. Basically, we can do a project as...
  15. soumya

    ******School or College?******

    These two institutions are or will be a part of your life at some point of time. So did u like school or college more? To me it's College because of the freedom associated with it but School gave me friends which I will cherish forever. So it's a tough choice for me. Let's see what you think?
  16. sourav

    Dance of BJEM School, Bhubaneswar

    hey guys! Our school had its annual function on 21st April 2007. In which I and my friends danced on the song masti ki paathsala. I have uploaded that video in Google Video. here's the link * I am the one in front line...
  17. personifiedgenius

    Good Old School Days

    ...... DO NOT MISS A SINGLE LINE ......and the last one is fantastic How it was do reply?
  18. morpheusv6

    Bullied Australian in A$1m payout

    source: * An Australian teenager has won record damages after a court found that his school "grossly failed" in its duty to protect him from a school bully. Prime Minister John Howard has announced new powers for teachers...
  19. H

    Do you play any musical instruments?

    I was just wondering whether any of the techies here play any musical instrument. I play the drums, been playing for the past 1 and a half years. Play in my school band, but thinking of making a proper band after school.
  20. B

    (Making a school website)Help Needed?

    I recently got the oppertunity to build my school wesite So i need help regarding this--NO IDEA -Software is going to be provided by school. I have suggested Microsoft web Expressions I also want to enter this type of forum section to the website. since this website fourm is powered by...
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