1. Cyberghost

    Minimum Salary of India Discussion Thread

    Hii, this thread is about ur opinions about raising the minimum salary of India equal to the developed countries like USA($9/hr),Australia($15/hr) etc. Currently all foreign/some Indian companies harness the cheap labor of India and make great profits but they won't sell their end products...
  2. W

    from those in mumbai/around:need some info for an urgent matter

    i have got a chance to get a govt job in belapur commissionerate,mumbai zone-II/belapur,navi mumbai.the salary is not much(~19000) but very less working hours.i want to know is it possible to live a decent life with this much salary in this area(i mean a decent 1 room rented accommodation in...
  3. sksksksk

    Web Designing

    Well, I am interested in a number languages like PHP, HTML, SQL...!! especially related to web! But I don't have any idea for the salary of web designer in India..!? Just wanna know the range of web designer's salary... I only know their starting is quiet low like 10k - 15k.
  4. B

    expected salary

    I have experiance in some freelance (worked alone till now) work in back end web development with php-mysql. what could be the expected starting salary in a small private web development company. i am undergraduate, pursuing bsc(IT) with diploma in software engineering , based on kolkata.
  5. nginx

    Husbands need to pay salary to wives?

    The central government's proposal to introduce a law, which, if passed, would mandate every man to part with a portion of his salary income as salary to his wife. Do you agree with this? I personally think its outrageous. Complete Story...
  6. Sujeet

    Game Dev Salary Avg 40 Lacs!!

    OK Too Much talks about the games. Lets Shed some light on the Guys who make them happen. Source:How Much Do Game Developers Make? - Games News at IGN With that avg figures its clear that Max Profit Goes To Publisher. Ofcourse everybody knew that. Still these guys sincerely deserve such large...
  7. revolt

    Debate:-India is a worst place for career development.

    1.Bad/stupid mentality.(covers almost everybody) 2.Too much population. 3.Improper competition. 4.Very very less flexibility. 5.Inadequate salary. 6.Improper wealth distribution. 7.lazy people. 8.No respect.
  8. The Conqueror

    Salary or Better Workplace -Which one would you compromise on and why?

    Salary or Better Workplace -Which one would you compromise on and why? If you have two job offers - one offering very good salary and the other one promising you a very friendly and exciting workplace. Which one would you choose? And - Would you narrow down your career choice on the...
  9. win32.tr0jan

    Animation and Vfx Career

    I have read about career in Animation n VFX in a lot of career guidance magazines and websites.But recently,I heard that,the salary for these specialists are lower than programmers. Anyone knows how much is the starting salary a fresher gets?And about other perks and all? Please help,as I...
  10. mohityadavx

    Indian politicians : Discussion

    Well I dont have any personal grudge with people shouting Mera Neta Chor Hai but i don't think is corrupt. We say our politicians are corrupt yes they are but is it all their fault.. We expect them to work like European or US Senator without seeing that a US senator an average gets 15000$...
  11. abhi.eternal

    Why to do SAP?

    I am interested in SAP, but am not sure exactly what it is. I tried to check online and found out that there are many sub-categories (or something like that). I have already decided to go to a SAP center for counseling on Saturday but it would help if I knew beforehand what exactly it is. If...
  12. M

    BSNL Junior Telecom Officers (JTO) Exam - Help Needed

    BSNL Junior Telecom Officers (JTO) Exam - Help Needed Hi friends, JTO 2009 exam notification is already out ( * ), I have some queries regarding the exam, kindly help me with the information you have: The salary for this post is 9850 - 14,600. Can anyone...
  13. M

    BANK PO Exam - Help Needed

    Well I wanna know whats the average rather say starting salary for people who qualifies BANK PO Exam of various Banks. Comments appreciated ;)
  14. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Which Credit Card for online shopping ??

    The eligibility for HDFC Sliver Card is Age of 21. And salary of 2 Lac + But i am 20 and i don't earn that much. Which credit card should i go for, So That Online Purchases Won't Be a Problem And a card that Works Well With PayPal. Of course there should be no salary requirements. And 18+ Age...
  15. S

    MCSE Help

    I will be doing MCSE & CCNA course, what is the salary that i can get in India after completing my course.
  16. iinfi

    starting salary ...??

    not sure this is the right section. assuming one performs well in the technical interview ... wat wud be starting salary for a linux system administrator and oracle 9i DBA? any idea anyone? thanks
  17. subratabera

    Need your help: Wipro BPO

    Friends, I need your help. I want to know about Wipro BPO at Kolkata, its work environment, salary scale, job timings, night shift timings, fluency in english, future scope and every little detail that can be useful. Is it ok to leave a good job (with less salary) for this kind of job. I am...
  18. vish786

    Work, Work & Work.... u get no raise !

    HUMOROUS HRD NOTICE OF A COMPANY TO ALL EMPLOYEES [A circular was found in one of the office notice boards ] Dear STAFF , Please be advised that these are NEW rules and regulations implemented to raise the efficiency of our firm...
  19. abhi_10_20

    Is this only that matters for everyone?

    Tell me frankly, is it only the salary which you get, that matters for job satisfaction ? Can a person lead a happy life if he is paid a low salary, even if he thinks he is worth much more..... i know...that depends completely on that person.... but, is only "salary", "everything" in a world...
  20. R

    Salary rise

    Anyone interested to share their average salary rise for last one year, to give sort of idea of salary rise to all young software engineers. I got rise of around 10000/month this year
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