from those in mumbai/around:need some info for an urgent matter


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i have got a chance to get a govt job in belapur commissionerate,mumbai zone-II/belapur,navi mumbai.the salary is not much(~19000) but very less working hours.i want to know is it possible to live a decent life with this much salary in this area(i mean a decent 1 room rented accommodation in non-slum/non-dingy rooms within 1/2 to 1 hour travel distance).depending on your answers here i may or may not go for this offer so please be honest & frank in your replies.


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most likely one of those typical sitting on chairs gossiping/playing cards on pc with some work in-between during official 8 hours but in reality 3-4 hours govt job.

Rajat Giri

You can live decent life here with that much salary assuming you are single.
I live in kalamboli and belapur is just 20 min. away(by bus).
but here rents for the rooms are high so you may find it difficult to search room according to your needs.


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may be you should try taking a room with some group of friends.

Don't they provide staff quarters or hostel during training?


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in 19000 may just be sufficient but might get a little crunched for you if you are not the savings type of person...all the best!!! :D
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