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  • Hello Bro!

    Actually, i have never used these cards.. So, was eager to know that how can we download so much data in just 11 rs.

    What r dese? 3g Cards? Available at airtel outlets?

    And how to use them?

    Like simple coupons? I mean scratch it, apply d usd code in the handset?

    And after running that code, can i put the sim in a modem & then use it for downloading?

    Can u pls. help me out by explaining this?

    I get the ideas for matte paiting etc.But i dont know what to do.My worst area is digital Art :(.I curse my photoshop class.It was a 1 month complete photoshop course i finished it they dint give my certificate + The Animation school has been closed down.Great i wont get my certificate now.:(.Wish i learnt in arena instead.Half the animation schools in my city have closed.Only Arena is Remaining
    Nope till now no CS6.
    Actually i am good with CS5.5 PS Extended and was skeptical of the new features of CS6 PS for an Upgrade.
    But now it seems attracting.

    Secondly i have some Bandwidth Limitations right now,as told earlier,out of town,so i didnt download it,Now i think it is bundled in Anniversary ediiton of Digit so i will grabbing it soon and will try.:)
    But i dont prefer learning the basics online :(.I tried blender i dint understand anything.Even After effects nothing i understood much. it was kinda tough :(
    Please tell me some tips on how to digital art.i mean let my arts not look cartoonish.
    So what do you do?Next holidays i am planning to learn 3d modeling only if its a 2 month course
    GTA FTW! i mean its fun going around killing people,going to Jail,Getting $%&* into our cars \m/.
    So which all games you play
    yes but why im i getting HSDPA-7 KB/S when i have 3G activated it shows "3G" then vanishes.
    Checked the matte
    today i got a shocking 1 mb/s.
    But if i use my galaxy mini. i get *H* Not 3G even if i do any browising i get *h*.*3G* Vanishes when i click on any internet thingy. I get 7 kb/s.So i use E6 i got 1 MB/S
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