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  1. saz

    Slow speed on Reliance EVDO broadband...

    Hi every one, I have started using Reliance EVDO broadband, using USB modem...but the download speed is too low ~50kbps. Even the speedtest.net shows that download speed stays 0.60Mbps on an average. Where as the max supported is 3.1 Mbps, can any one suggest ways/tips/tricks to improve the...
  2. pratik385

    Reliance Broadband blocking Torrent sites

    Hi guys, i recently got Reliance Broadband connection. 25gb-12mbps and later 1mbps plan. Every thing was going great, getting great speed but now today when i tried to open piratebay or kat the message appears as "This site has been blocked as per instructions from the department of telecom"...
  3. techbulb

    broadband service

    i have a bsnl 750 uld plan i want to upgrade to something more powerful but all other bsnl plans are sh@t i tried to get reliance because they have good plans but there was some wiring problems in my area therefore i couldnt get reliance is there any other broadband service provider i can get...
  4. N

    Reliance Broadband Wifi Issues. Please help.

    Hello All, I am using Reliance Broadband Freedom 999 Plan with 12 MBPS speed. Since reliance gave me a direct LAN connection without ANY Wifi modem or ADSL Wifi modem, I bought a new Netgear Wireless N 150 Router WGR614 WGR 614 WiFi. Now whenever I try to connect to internet USING the wifi...
  5. aaruni

    2G on iPad 2/3

    Hey guys, i am planning to buy an ipad 2/3. But the shopkeeper at Reliance Digital told me that it won't be compatible with 2G, and 3G is not available everywhere. Please help
  6. D

    Using reliance netconnect on Tablet/smartphones - has this worked.

    Landed up on this page which explains as to how Reliance netconnect etc USB dongles can be used to connect to Android Tablets. Know How to Connect USB Modem To Android Tablet has anybody had sucess with this ? Can this be used on smartphones too ? Cheers,
  7. S

    Migration from Bsnl to Reliance Broadband:Need Suggestion[Haryana Users]

    Hey Everyone! Being a BSNL Broadband User from the past 5+ years,it was a really nice and awesome Experience with the Dataone Connection,however there were few disconnection issues(occurred once or twice in a month-that too very rare),but it got repaired in the next day(due to the "Super-fast...
  8. Subro

    Fed up with slow internet speeds from Tata Photon+

    Hello friends, your help is again required in deciding what I should do. Since the last one year, I have been using Tata Photon+ with a plan 5GB Unlimited. According to this plan, I was told that till 5 GB, I will get 3.1 Mbps speed, thereafter my speed will reduce to 256 KBPS. But in...
  9. Soumik

    HTC EVO 3D from eBay trustworthy?

    I found the following link in eBay. This is a power seller with good positive feedback and selling HTC EVO 3D for 19.8K INR.BRAND NEW HTC EVO 3D CDMA, REGISTERED TO RELIANCE, 8GB, GPS, 4.3", 6OZ, 1.2GHZ | eBay If so, its very high VFM in my opinion. My question is, Is there any catch to...
  10. D

    [For Sale] Reliance 3g 7.2 mbps usb dongle

    1. Model number and details: Reliance 3g 7.2 mbps usb dongle 2. Date of purchase: 13/3/2011 3. Reason for sale: Need Money 4. Product Condition: Great 4. Warranty/invoice details:No warranty but invoice is present 5. Expected Price: Rs 1400/- (free shipping) 6. Location of Seller : Rajasthan
  11. A

    how to use wi fi router with reliance broadband connection???

    hi i have ordered a wi fi router to work with my wired broadband connection but i have some queries... 1. reliance provided me connection without any modem. will a wi fi work. 2. to use my internet connection i need to login on a reliance broadband page and then i can use my connection. so if...
  12. kool

    Few question about from Reliance to AIRTEL "MNP". Help me guys.................

    Guys, From last 6 month i was enjoying 3G speed on my Reliance 2G plan @ Rs.99. But now its back to normal speed, which sucks now. D/L only 9 kBps. :( So now i've decided to switch to Airtel via MNP. In airtel it giving 1GB on 2G @ Rs.98 which s better than reliance (in airtel D/L upto...
  13. iinfi

    Reliance 3G tab

    hi folks ... dont know whether this has already been discussed. has anyone used Reliance 3G Tab.any reviews? the specs look crap ..but how is its performance? thanks
  14. S

    Reliance Freedom 999 Plan Details

    Hello users, I got a few PMs requesting details of Reliance Freedom 999 Broandband plan. I thought of sharing my answer to a PM, so that it would help more of you. Hope that helps many of you, good night. Regards, Sirakri M.
  15. S

    Reliance Freedom 999 plan details.!

    Just had a few questions about this new plan that Reliance offers @ 999 , 12MBPS till 25 GB thereafter 1 MBPS . Can someone who has this plan please shed some light on these queries : 1. Considering the fact that this plan is offered on Metro Ethernet rather than ADSL , does the line directly...
  16. reddead

    Need WIFI router

    hey guys i need a new wifi router for reliance BB (wired) i am confused because reliance uses a login page system... and i wish to connect it to my phone and laptop but i dont know if login page will appear on phone or not:???: budget 1500..... need suggestions
  17. T

    S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA

    S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA Vs LG Thrill (Updated) I found someone who can unlock it for reliance, but he gave an option so that i can trade S2 CDMA for LG thrill GSM. - S2 I have to stick with Reliance and not sure about the network when changing the phone in future? (Currently on Airtel gsm...
  18. Gauravs90

    Frequent disconection of internet on reliance gsm and docomo

    I use both reliance gsm and docomo to connect to the internet. I live near moradabad. The problem is whenever I connect to internet using both the sims it disconnects automatically exactly after 01:00:00 hr. I think it's intentional at their part to disconnect edge. To save their network...
  19. Kev.Ved

    Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Speed

    What is the consistent & maximum speed that you get on Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ USB dongle? Do mention your city if not updated in mini profile & do you get a full signal strength?
  20. Gauravs90

    Reliance blocking file sharing websites

    Hi guys... When i opened mediafire instead it opened a page which says that "This website is blocked". I'm using reliance gsm 2g network to acess internet. Is there any way i can bypass it... I don't think it is illegal to ask this question on this forum...
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