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  1. maverick786us

    Be careful with Reliance!!!!

    I happened to be a reliance internet customer for last 5 years. 8 months back I was shocked when I received wrongly bill of Rs 5500. My dad is the one who uses this reliance internet dongle and there has never been a situation in which my bill ever crossed 1000. So I registered a complain to...
  2. V

    Router for reliance broadband

    i need a good router for reliance broadband under 2500rs.... plz suggest me a good 1 asap.... my home is of 3 floors....ground,1st and 2nd. 3bhk having 2 walls in between from each corner on each floor.... it should have a good range....and connection dropouts shouldn't be there...
  3. Tenida

    Best broadband plan by Reliance

    Source- Welcome to Reliance Communications I will opt for the 2mbps unlimited @699 plan. What about you guys?
  4. C

    Using Airtel’s wifi router with Reliance BB..?

    I applied for thunder 1099 plan yesterday,is it possible that i can use my previous isp Airtel’s wifi router with my new Reliance BB..? It is a Beetel 450tc1 ADSL2 router.
  5. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Reliance Netconnect

    What will be the speed of the reliance Netconnect Prepaid plan of rupees 801 ... please tell me the Speed of the plans and also tell me any other good plans with a speed of minimum speed of 512 kbps ... at the cost around 800 per month
  6. C

    New Reliance broadband Plans

    I dont believe this.. I was just looking for a new broadband connection and i saw these new broadband plans from reliance.. 4 Mbps unlimited (no FUP) for 1099 ..??? Is there something fishy ..? Welcome to Reliance Communications
  7. C

    Review for Reliance night booster plan ..??

    I am thinking to get a new broadband connection i dont want any fup ****..I am thinking to go with the plan with 1mbps speed in daytime and 2mbps in night.. I am from Bhopal,MP. Are these reliance connections really good and do they actually provide these speeds? I have heard that they lower the...
  8. Akshay

    Settings for Reliance broadband in Netgear DGND3700

    [Solved] Settings for Reliance broadband in Netgear DGND3700 I recently took reliance broadband connection and I have received a ZTE ZXDSL 831 series with it. When I connect a lan cable from ZTE to my laptop (MBP), I can connect to the internet. Since it does not have a wifi, I want to use my...
  9. P

    WiFi router cannot be used?

    Hello all, I have a.Reliance broadband Freedom 999 plan. Well I wanted a WiFi router but as they provide a nom WiFi modem I asked them whether I can add a WiFi router of D-Link my self. But to my surprise they said that WiFi cannot be used with Reliance :O How is that possible. Never...
  10. P

    Reliance broadband question

    Hello, Well I just recently changed my ISP to Reliance. But the procedure to connect to internet is really strange. They gave me username and password. And I have to enter those everytime I wanna connect to internet. Is it normal? Coz my previous ISP (Airtel) didnt had anything of this...
  11. tango_cash

    pls help to connect my dlink dir600 wifi router to my reliance broadnet connection...

    hi i have a reliance broadnet connection and i have a dlink dir 600 wifi router. i connected the modem reliance gave me into the routers internet slot and then connected my pc to the router.i do not know anything about the wifi router settings so did't change it. when i switched on the pc i got...
  12. bubusam13

    Reliance unlimited 3G deducting money

    Hi, I thaught I should share this with you all about Reliance 3G service. Reliance 3G in my area is really fast. I used Rs 98 300 MB on my mobile. Looking at its I disconnected my good old BSNL EVDO unlimited and I applied for Reliance 5GB unlimited Rs 800. From my BSNL usage data I know that I...
  13. utkarsh73

    Reliance Wireline Broadband: Any reviews??

    I recently moved to Lucknow and I am looking for a good broadband connection. I came across a good plan from Reliance wireline broadband. I am looking for the Night Zoom 799 or Night Zoom 649 plan but the thing is, I have never heard of Reliance broadband. Anyone ever used it? How...
  14. mandarpalshikar

    Reliance wireline broadband connection setup with wi-fi router

    Hi.... tommorrow someone from Reliance will install cables at my home for wireline broadband connection. I need to hook it up to a wi-fi router in my home. So wanted help related to 1. Does reliance wireline connection come with some sort of router ? 2. Do thay have static IP assigned to...
  15. ankit.kumar010203

    Unlocking Reliance 3g tab...!

    SOURCE-Unlocking Reliance 3g tab
  16. D

    Reliance netconnect dongle. Blip - not working.

    I have EC150 reliance netconnect device and suddenly it has stopped working. Yesterday night instead of blinking it just hung with constant blue light and internet connection had stopped. I disconnected the dongle - but now no blinking light on dongle at all. Is this the death of the device...
  17. Anish

    [Complaint] Reliance netconnect+ broadband.

    Hi friends, I bought Reliance netconnect+ 8 months ago. When I bought it, I was in a different locality (cuddalore, TN) and I got speeds upto (1.5 to 2Mbps). But when I returned my hometown (vellore, TN) The speeds dropped verymuch. I hardly get 150Kbps browsing speed. Downloads would be around...
  18. Abhishekrocked

    How is HP Mini 110 ?

    Need for netsurfing and sometimes music and movies... Can i install xp in it ? As i will be using reliance netconnect...
  19. Abhishekrocked

    Buying a Netbook under 16-17k

    Need it for web browsing running flash player... And movies. Win xp will do... As i am having reliance netconnect... Need usb ports... Can order from indian websitds.
  20. justme101

    What about this plan guys..!!!!

    So i currently use a reliance connection with 500Kbps in day time and 800Kbps at night and it is an unlimited connection for which i pay Rs.650 (approx) including tax. Now, yesterday i found this plan on the reliance communications website and i think it is very good for someone who spends not...
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