1. Ricky

    Apple iPhone 5C and 5S available for Free through Reliance contract

    Reliance has just made an irresistible offer and if you are an heavy user of mobile calls and data then you can own 5C or 5S technically for free: ource
  2. D

    Looking for a basic CDMA+GSM phone as a back-up

    Looking for a dual-sim (CDMA+GSM) Android 4x (and above) phone 1. Budget 10K, maybe slightly more, certainly not more than 15K 2. Display type and size - at least 4" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip - Anything is ok 4. Preferred choice of brand - Nothing specific, can also look at Indian...
  3. Ironman

    Does any one use this BB Plan from Reliance ??

    I am a long time user of BSNL Dataone Broadband ........... But Lately(like they ever :razz:) the bsnl prices went up and services went from OK to downright worse .............. bad speeds , frequent disconnections .............:-x i was wondering if anyone here uses these reliance plans...
  4. V

    RCom offers 1GB of 3G data at Rs. 123

    Source - Thinkdigit
  5. C

    Help choosing an ISP

    I've been using BSNL for many years. It has been good for browsing. Speed is satisfactory according to the plan, however it sucks sometimes. It has always been horrible for online gaming - awful pings. Lately it has been torturing a lot. I don't have many cable-net ISPs in my city. A few which...
  6. H

    Wireless router for using with Reliance net Connect modem

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a wireless router to be used with my Reliance netconnect modem ZTE AC2737. My budget is 1200-1900k at the max. I want it to use to share my desktop's internet connection with my tablets and phone. My pc config is Mobo:M2N-MX se plus CPU:AMD athlon fx 2400+...
  7. ankush28

    query about hp pavilion g6-2202ax at reliance digital store :)

    I am planning to buy a normal low budget laptop hp pavilion g6-2202 Shop for HP Pavilion G6 2202AX Notebook at Reliance Digital it is available at reliance digi shop at 26k which is much less then lamington road price too... should i go for it or not also i have doubt about RAM on HP site it...
  8. A

    Help needed for minimum 2Mbps Connection for minimum monthly data usage of >60GB in Nasik

    *Warning!! Long Post!!* I am thoroughly irritated with my ISP these days. I have been using the BSNL BBG Combo ULD900 plan for quite a while now in my SOHO. Considering our usage (of 4 laptops, 2 droid tablets, 5 smartphones and several hours of skype calls from all kinds of devices), the 8GB...
  9. KyleSforza

    Looking to get a new connection in Delhi

    So, after totally being bored of the 15GB fup given by Reliance Netconnect+ , I have decided to apply for a wireline broadband plan. So far I have checked MTNL fibre plans, Reliance thunder, Realtel and Airtel plans. Whereas MTNL is probably not as reliable as ISPs, it seems the best atm...
  10. justme101

    Wireless router trouble with reliance broadband!!

    Hii guys!! My neighbour has a Reliance Wireline BB connection which he wanted to use it on a Wi-Fi network, so he bought a NEtgear JNR1010 N150 router (without modem). I tried to get it working using guides from all over the internet but unfortunately it does not work. It shows as "Internet...
  11. D

    Mobile Number Location Tracker

    hello digitians i want to track a mobile number's location. i've searched for the location on many websites but they are only showing me the carrier name and carrier circle(for ex reliance, delhi). but i want to know the exact place of the caller. any software ? plz help
  12. G

    Reliance Netconnext Hispeed 1X on Windows 7

    Hey Guys, July, 2009: Bought Reliance Netconnect Hi-speed 1X Used it for an entire year on Windows XP sp3 June, 2010: Shifted to BSNL Wired Broadband, thanks to the unsatisfactory 15-20 kbps provided by Reliance August, 2010: Shifted to Windows 7, forgetting the USB Modem April, 2013...
  13. S

    HTC one

    Does anyone know the expected price of HTC one in India it will also be available with reliance communications for contract. will it be available cheaper with reliance I am planning on a new phone this week but will wait till march end for HTC one if its in my budget for around 32k. currently...
  14. demoninside9

    Reliance v9c tab: not showing hindi font

    Hi All, actually I am having reliance v9c tab. But when I use internet it doesn't show hindi website's font instead it shows squares. I installed opera, dolphin, and try many times but still get fail. Anybody knows the solution for that, so that I can easily access the hindi and others...
  15. theserpent

    ISP's in mangalore

    Hey there can anyone please tell the isps avail in mangalore other than Airtel,Bsnl and Ask Reliance sadly doesn't provide wiredinternet here :(
  16. thatsashok

    Reliance or BSNL

    Guys I have an option of choosing between Reliance wireline and BSNL BB. I so far have experience of BSNL 750 UL. I know BSNL has good pings to Malaysia and Singapore servers but the speeds are not VFM compared to Reliance. My Usage : Steam downloads Online multiplayer games like TF2, CS ...
  17. S

    Reliance Broadband IP change possible ?

    Hi, I’m planning to take a Reliance Broadband Connection . I wanna know is changing the IP possible by rebooting the router ? I’ve an Airtel Broadband now and can change my IP by rebooting the router as many times as i want .. So Has anyone who has got a Reliance Broadband connection...
  18. Renny

    Reliance ADSL and Metro Ethernet query.

    I hope this is not a repeated query... Anyway, I ditched BSNL and have applied for Reliance Wired broadband, I was told sales guy will contact me in 2 days, then I realized that there is something called Metro One provided in addition to ADSL. 1. I need a dynamic IP connection (switch...
  19. bad_till_bones

    GSM + CDMA Mobile Set

    Hi guys, Please suggest me a good n cheap GSM + CDMA dual-sim mobile handset. Nothing specific, but I only need this - I should be able to switch calls. Like put the call on Airtel (GSM) ON HOLD & pick the Reliance (CDMA) one n vice-versa. And, if I am correct, this feature is called -...
  20. ghantaukay

    Why Reliance 3G netconnect is not listed in Ubuntu 9.04?

    I installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my netbook but there is no sound....neither can I connect my Reliance #G dongle to access the internet as it is not in the list. I am a linux newbie and I dont understand all those geeky languages you encounter in help forums. Can someone help me out here?
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