1. saurabh kakkar

    Reliance Prepaid Sucks

    Hi i have recently Bought a reliance prepaid connection for My mom after 3 days of Connection its incoming has been Disabled when i m trying Coustomer care No. *369 i m getting voice msg that contact Coustomer care lol what the heck is this :confused:
  2. Kniwor

    LG RD 5130 (Reliance)

    I have a reliance ready LG RD 5130, I just deactivated my reliance connection on the handset as I needed it no more, so selling the handset, the set exteriors are badly scratched because of rough usage, but the screen is fine with minimal scratches as it had protection. All the keys on the...
  3. Tech.Masti

    Reliance SMART launch unlimited GPRS

    here in west bengal circle reliance smart (reliance GSM service) started GPRS service, they sending messages that they offering unlimited GPRS, for Rs.303. you have to e-recharge with Rs.303 and GPRS will be activate, and you can surf it from PC also. i will test it between 2-3 days and then can...
  4. C

    Reliance to give Toshiba LCD TVs free with DTH

    This is crazy stuff. According to today's Economic Times, Reliance may be giving away free LCD TVs along with their DTH connection though the size is not mentioned. "Reliance is in advanced talks with Toshiba to sign an agreement for about 15 million LCD TVs, to be given along with the DTH...
  5. R

    Reliance Data card Blank

    I have purchased Reliance data card and used for sometime.Disconnected on request due to coverage and low speed problems in May 2007.Now I wanted to take a new Prepaid Internet connection from Reliance Infocom in this Data card.I have gone to Reliance Webworld to load the prepaid internet...
  6. N

    PortForwarding on Reliance NetConnect

    My friend is having reliance net connect data card on his laptop 4 wireless internet, is it possible to forward ports?
  7. aryayush

    Reliance bags marketing & distribution deal for Apple

    Reliance bags marketing & distribution deal for Apple 9 Oct, 2007, 0135 hrs IST,Deepshikha Monga & Chaitali Chakravarty, TNN NEW DELHI: Reliance Retail has clinched an exclusive marketing and distribution deal with the $19.3-billion iconic maker of iPods and Mac computers, Apple, for standalone...
  8. A

    Reliance Wimax- A pain in the ass

    When I subscribed for the Reliance Wimax connection I was hoping for writing a fantabulous review about this service but my dream did not materialize. Continue reading this post to know why the title is TOO JUSTIFIED. Before proceeding further to discuss about how Reliance Wimax is cheating...
  9. S

    Is Reliance BroadNet is Best?

    Hi, I heard about reliance Broadnet in bangalore, can any one please let me that this is best in speed, connection and price etc..! Thanks
  10. amanjagga

    Is this Fake?

    Hi! Check Is this a fake site As original site of Reliance Money is
  11. T

    REliance Usb modem & Datacard ..Should i go for it..??

    Hi everyone.. i am residing in Madras [ Chennai} outskirts where only Reliance broadband and Bsnl internet connections are available..I have a laptop with me.. as im stayi in a hostel, bsnl broadband coonection cant be taken as the authorities wont allow the pulling up of of wires etc.. sadly...
  12. V

    PCMCIA card or USB Modem for Reliance Netconnect ?

    For the Reliance Netconnect; which is the better option for Laptop, PCMCIA card or USB Modem ? :confused: *
  13. O

    Anyone using "Reliance Datacard"?????

    Reliance Data Card, a new USB modem for Rs.2850 and speed upto 153Kbps!!! They say we can even recharge using 'net connect' prepaid voucher: Rs.125-5hrs,Rs.220-10hrs & Rs.400-20hrs. Anyone using this??? Howz the speed? Is it worth going for 'Laptop'????? The link for Reliance is...
  14. din

    Data card - Signal issues - Laptop works but not PC

    This may sound strange, anyway I am using Reliance data card (PCMCIA) in laptop and in PC without any problem. In PC I use a pci-to-pcmcia adapter. I got data card from BSNL yesterday and I was testing it. It worked in laptop correctly but in PC it shows no network. I checked for coverage...
  15. almighty

    reliance sucks

    hi mates I ve reliance india mobile since 3 yrs... 2 days back they disconnect my outgoing and incoming both... when i call cc they told me that ur identity and address proof is not here, u ve to deposit ur address and id proof... after listening dere rubbish agruement i told him i already...
  16. koolbluez

    Reliance USB Huawei EC325 CDMA data modem installation

    Not sw troubleshootin prob... but a reliever for those with Vista 64bit(like me). Author note: I ran into real problems with my new Reliance USB Huawei EC325 CDMA data modem, not to mention the most $hitty customer service I ever came across. This help is for those who already took the...
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